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Wise Bots
Wise Bots Intro.png
Start Date:
February 22, 2018
End Date:
March 8, 2018 6PM PST
Brass Knuckle Brass Knuckle
Never go against the Family.

Wise Bots was the 18th event in Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow. There is no PVP component to this event. Event originally scheduled to end on March 7, 2018 but was extended by 1 day.

Stay loyal to the family! Play for a chance to earn members of the Robot Mafia!

Wise Bots About.png
Collect Currency Bars from Cargo Drops to earn stuff for Mafia characters.
Wise Bots About2.png
Defeat Robots to earn Smuggled Goods and Treasure Sacks. Use those to finish unlocking Mafia characters!


Week Icon Name Cost How to Unlock
1 Joey Mousepad Joey Mousepad 1000 Nixonbucks Unlock Materials
1 Clamps Clamps 3000 Nixonbucks Unlock Materials
1 Money Suit Zoidberg Money Suit Zoidberg 290 Pizza
2 Mayor Poopenmeyer Mayor Poopenmeyer 6000 Nixonbucks Unlock Materials
2 Donbot Donbot 9000 Nixonbucks Unlock Materials
2 Fanny Fanny 260 Pizza


Week Name Type
1 Wise Bots Main Goal
2 Protection Money Main Goal


# Name Planet How to Unlock Lvl
1 The Big Score Corleone 5 5
2 Heist of the Millennium Corleone 5 Complete The Big Score 10
3 Sleeping With the Fishes Corleone 5 Complete Heist of the Millennium 15
4 Cement Shoes Corleone 5 Complete Sleeping With the Fishes 20
5 Deader Than Dead Corleone 5 Complete Cement Shoes 25
6 Sending a Message Corleone 5 Complete Deader Than Dead 30
7 Fuggedaboutit Corleone 5 Complete Sending a Message 35
8 Dirty Rat Corleone 5 Complete Fuggedaboutit 40
9 Made Bots Corleone 5 Complete Dirty Rat 45
10 Mob Mentality Corleone 5 Complete Made Bots 50
11 Family Over Everything Corleone 5 Complete Mob Mentality 55
12 A Couple of Gangsters Corleone 5 Complete Family Over Everything 60
13 Fix Your Face Corleone 5 Complete A Couple of Gangsters 65
14 The Head of the Horse Corleone 5 Complete Fix Your Face 70
15 Raising the Crime Rate Corleone 5 Complete The Head of the Horse 75


Act Icon Name Cost Notes
1 Building Cauliflower Ear Arena.png Cauliflower Ear Arena 300 Brass Knuckle
1 Building Fronty's Meat Market.png Fronty's Meat Market 600 Brass Knuckle
1 Building Gearotica Theater.png Gearotica Theater 900 Brass Knuckle
1 Building Swimming with the Fishes Cement Factory.png Swimming with the Fishes Cement Factory 500 Brass Knuckle
1 Building Wong Hotel & Casino.png Wong Hotel & Casino 1100 Brass Knuckle
1 Building Wong Ranch House.png Wong Ranch House 1000 Brass Knuckle


Week Icon Name Description Cost Additional Comments
1 Decoration Wong Ranch Sign.png Wong Ranch Sign Letting native Martians know they are no longer welcome here. 700 Brass Knuckle Size: 1x4
1 Decoration New Vegas Grand Reopening Billboard.png New Vegas Grand Reopening Billboard Back in teh business of separating suckers from their money! 800 Brass Knuckle Size: 1x6
1 Decoration Parolee's Choice Bus Lines.png Parolee's Choice Bus Lines Transporting space's ugliest and thugliest. 200 Brass Knuckle Size: 3x6

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