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Water Nympho Rising
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Story type
Character Goal
Cornwood Ascending

Water Nympho Rising is one of the goals in Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow.

Part 1


Gynecaladriel takes a centaur for a ride.



  • 750 Nixonbucks 400 XP


Gynecaladriel I've always fancied myself a bit of an equestrian.

Leegola What are you driving at?

Gynecaladriel Come on Leegola, we're friends. Let me ride you.

Leegola If Frydo were here his head would have exploded . Even if you weren't speaking euphemistically.

Gynecaladriel Hey, Hermafroditee. Will you let me ride around on your back for a while?

Hermafroditee Didn't you just ride around on Leegola?

Gynecaladriel Yeah but I guess I'm just a little biped-curious.

Gynecaladriel I warn you, you have to be at least quadruped-curious to play in my barn.

Part 2


Gynecaladriel plays a game.



  • 750 Nixonbucks 400 XP


Titanius Anglesmith Gynecaladriel, let's engage in a rousing game of Never Have I Ever. I'll name some stuff and if you've done it, you just shut up and drink a flagon of grog.

Titanius Anglesmith Never have i ever--

Gynecaladriel Just a minute.

Gynecaladriel I'm watching my figure so...

Gynecaladriel ...based on the likely outcomes, can we make it a flagon of Grog Lite?

Gynecaladriel Keep 'em coming, Titanius. You're bound to stump me eventually.

Titanius Anglesmith Never have I ever manipulated the space time continuum into a submissive love slave.

Gynecaladriel We're gonna need more grog.

Gynecaladriel A lot more.

Part 3


Gynecaladriel manipulates water.



  • 750 Nixonbucks 400 XP


Gynecaladriel I've always loved to feel the viscous sensuality of water on my body.

Gynecaladriel And then mold it with my will into any shape or form I want it to take.

Leegola That's a pretty neat trick.

Leegola With these hooves, I'm lucky I can use a shower massager.

Leegola What else can you do with your water, Gynecaladriel?

Gynecaladriel I can make it swirl around my body like a whirlpool. Sometimes I ride its surf. Of course, I can also make it perform general household chores.

Leegola I may have to take you home and keep you in a tank so I can benefit from your incredible powers.

Gynecaladriel Just because I rocked your world with the shape of water doesn't mean you should imprison me.

Leegola Imprison? No, I'll pay you the going rate for light housekeeping.

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