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Vyolets are Green
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Character Goal
Lrrr Strikes Back
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Mutant Rights

Vyolets are Green is one of the goals in Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow.

Part 1


Mutant Vyolet roams New New York.



  • 50 Weed 75 XP


Amy What are you doing out of the sewers, Vyolet? Have you come to help fight the invasion?

Mutant Vyolet Not even slightly. The aliens will probably treat us mutants better than you surface dwellers do!

Mutant Vyolet Sure, you TOLERATE us on your streets now, but what about housing? What about employment? Huh? HUH??

Mutant Vyolet So in answer to your question, I've come to agitate for mutant rights.

Mutant Vyolet I'm stillg etting dirty looks when I walk around on the streets! I'm still just a filthy sewer mutant to you people!

Mutant Vyolet When will we as a society move past that?

Amy People will eventually respect you, Vyolet. I promise. But it takes time.

Amy Also you'll have to become rich and change everything about yourself.

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