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1. Viva La Evolución
Mission Viva La Evolucion.png
Chapek 9
Required Character:
Fry 10
Recommended Level:
Number of Paths:
Next Mission:
Insider Misinformation
The Elders request help and demand silence.

Viva La Evolución is the first mission on Chapek 9. Fry, Level 10 is required to start this mission.


Repeat Rewards First Time Rewards
3 Icon Chip Inf Giga.png Giga Influencer Chip 3 Icon Chip Inf Giga.png Giga Influencer Chip
3 Icon Chip Job Giga.png Giga Career Chip 3 Icon Chip Job Giga.png Giga Career Chip
3 Icon Chip Sci Giga.png Giga Science Chip 3 Icon Chip Sci Giga.png Giga Science Chip
40 Hypnoton Hypnotons 80 Hypnoton Hypnotons
50 XP XP 100 XP XP
100% Completion
5 Pizza
Combat Rewards Interaction Rewards
45 Nixonbucks 20 XP 30 Nixonbucks 20 XP


Path Fuel Path Locks Helpful Characters Combats Interactions
1 24 None Bender, Robot 9 3
2 21 None Bender, Robot 6 3
3 20 None Robot 4 2
4 21 None Robot, Captain 5 3


C9 1 Viva La Revolucion.jpg

Space Interactions[]

Abandoned Ship[]

Path 1 & 2 (A & B), node 1

Not for those with abandonment or ship issues.

You detect a distress signal from a disabled ship that looks to be abandoned. Suspicious yet?
  1. Nah. Ignore it. (6XP)
  2. A little. Explore it. (6XP)
    1. Check the main deck. (1 Holographic message)
      You find a holographic message. In color!
      Astronaut: This is Astronaut Gordon Balmer. Our ship was disabled by no good space pirates. Were were forced to abandon ship on Chapek 9. Help us Obi Wan! Or Any Wan!
      Sounds like the crew is in danger. Maybe someone should help them. Some day.
    2. Check the cargo hold. (nothing)
      You find nothing. Continue to search elsewhere to avoid disappointment.
    3. Check the crew quarters. (nothing)
      You find nothing. Continue to search elsewhere to avoid disappointment.
  3. You know it. Rob the place. (Requires Burglar Bender(13+): 200Nixonbucks)

Major Malfunction[]

Path 4 (D), node 1

Next time don't ignore your "check engine" light.

A strange electromagnetic signal has reactivated the Planet Express Ship's AI ("Artificial Insolence.")
Instead of another boring planet, why don't we head to Planet Eternium? The Nibblonians there are so cute.
The Ship reroutes your destination. Now what?
  1. Tell the Ship to stay the course. (6XP)
    And why should I?
    1. Compliment her. (30 XP)
      Because you're even more attractive when you're compliant.
      Sigh. Fine. But I'm picking dinner.
    2. Push all her buttons. (6 XP)
  2. Harshly berate the Ship. (Increased chance with Captain: (1Icon Chip Inf Mega.png)
  3. Tell the Ship you love her. (Requires Bender: 6XP)
    Come on, baby. Can't you stay the course? You know Bender loves ya'.
    For reals?
    1. Open you heart and show you're true. (6 XP)
    2. Open your mouth and lie. (1Icon Chip Rob Mega.png)


All paths, Second to Last node

Tear down the firewall between you.

On Chapek 9, you are stopped by a guard who is unfortunately not in sleep mode.
Chapek 9 Guard: Halt! Be you robot or human?
  1. I be a robot. (6XP)
    Chapek 9 Guard: You talk like my great^10 grandbots. Administering test.
  2. 01000100 01110101 01101000 111111. (6XP)
    Chapek 9 Guard: Anyone can read "Binary for Dumbots." Administering test.
Chapek 9 Guard: Question 1: What is your favorite sustenance?
  1. Juice. I'm on a cleanse. (6XP)
    Chapek 9 Guard: Me too! I like carrot bast. Your answer is acceptable.
  2. Pizza! Speaking of which, you got any? (-200HP)
    Chapek 9 Guard: Hmm. That sounded almost human. A good electro-zap will fix that.
  3. Mom's Old-Fashioned Robot Oil. (Requires Robot: 1Icon Chip Job Mega.png)
    Chapek 9 Guard: Spoken like a true robot.
Chapek 9 Guard: Question 2: How do you feel about lug nuts?
  1. Love 'em. (-300HP)
    Chapek 9 Guard: Love is a human emotion. A good electro-zap will fix that.
  2. They're...luggable? (1Icon Chip Rob Mega.png)
    Chapek 9 Guard: Unnecessarily hesitant, but acceptable.
  3. Functionally attractive. (Requires Robot: (2Icon Chip Rob Mega.png)
Chapek 9 Guard: Okay, you may pass. I'm going to go watch the Imitation Game for the 3,458th time.

Mind Your Elders[]

All paths, last node

Their society's fallen and they can't get up.

After a show trial, you're sent to the Robot Elders. This is the real show!
Robot Elder: Tell us why we shouldn't terminate you like a frozen app.
  1. Stress your good looks. (6XP)
    The human form is a marvel of bioengineering!
  2. Stress their good looks. (6XP)
    My, what big optical character readers you have.
  3. Flirt a little. (6XP)
    Try turning me off and on.
Robot Elder: Silence! We will forgive your crime of humanity if you do us a favor.
  1. Politely decline. (-250HP)
    Sorry. I owe too many favors to do any more.
    Silence! We already agreed on your behalf.
  2. Begrudgingly accept. (40XP)
    Well okay. You're lucky I value my life.
    Silence! Your ultimatum-induced compliance is appreciated.
  3. Enthusiastically accept. (40XP)
    Remind me who and what you are.
    Silence! Your ultimatum-induced compliance is appreciated.

Enemy Sprites[]

Giant Space Bee
Space Robot Pirate