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Turn It Up!
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Story type
Character Goal
Robot Hell On Earth

Turn It Up! is one of the character goals in Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow.

Part 1


Fender parties hard.



  • 5 Robot Soul 80 XP


Ghost Bender Hey, Fender! How's the amplifying business going?

Fender Great! Just electrocuted a human roadie, and now it's time to party! Wait -- you're a ghost now?

Ghost Bender Yeah. Hey -- as it so happens, I'm trying to party myself back to like, and you music-industry people get down like nobody else. Mind if I tag along?

Fender No problem. If anyone asks why you're glowing and hovering, tell 'em you're with the laser light show.

Fender You're partyin' unsafely, man. You're gonna kill yourself.

Ghost Bender Ah, but I have a secret weapon. I'm already dead!

Fender It's entirely possible to double-kill yourself.

Fender Ask that roadie I electrocuted. Fifty thousand watts, man.

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