Tropical Movers
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Side Goal
Island of Lost Bots
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Island Destination

Tropical Movers is one of the goals in Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow. It is the first goal of the second week of the Island of Lost Bots event.

Part 1


Amy and Leela continue to move fixtures.




Icon Character Leela.png It's our turn to transport fixtures from the tropical island planet. So we better put on sunblock.

Icon Character Amy.png Oh, I stopped using sunblock when they cured cancer.

Icon Character Leela.png They haven't cured cancer.

Icon Character Amy.png Oops. I guess I let another rich-person secret slip.

Icon Character Amy.png Do you think I can keep one of the bamboo chairs we shipped over?

Icon Character Leela.png No! The furniture needs to be where the snails can see it, to lull them into a tropical stupor.

Icon Character Amy.png What if I put the chair out on the balcony of my 48th-floor apartment?

Icon Character Leela.png I don't think many snails are cruising around at 700 feet.

Icon Character Amy.png Then I'll buy them a jetcar and a chauffeur. I WANT THAT CHAIR!

Part 2


Professor makes Fry move tropical stuff.




Icon Character The Professor.png Fry, I'll need your help moving some heavy tropical stuff into the ship.

Icon Character Fry.png Don't you have some sort of crazy futuristic tractor ray that can move heavy objects?

Icon Character The Professor.png Yes, but it's rather large. it'd be more work to set it up than it would just to move the stuff.

Icon Character Fry.png I'm not afraid of a lot of hard work if it'll save me a little hard work.

Icon Character Fry.png Hauling these items is exhausting.

Icon Character The Professor.png You don't see me complaining!

Icon Character Fry.png I don't see you hauling either!

Icon Character The Professor.png You try being productive after a three-hour mid-day nap!

Icon Character Fry.png Okay.

Icon Character Fry.png [SNORE]

Part 3


Professor makes Fry move tropical stuff.




Icon Character Bender.png Thanks for signing up to move tropical stuff, Mr. Blob.

Icon Character H. G. Blob.png Well, I want to make it real obvious whose side I'm on. Thanks to this snail invasion, if you're covered in slimelike me, suddenly you're suspicious. My neighbors are all giving me the stinkeye.

Icon Character Bender.png Yeah, I heard the same story from my buddy the hagfish alien.

Icon Character H. G. Blob.png Oh, jeez, stay away from those hagfish aliens. They're real lowlives. All covered in slime... yecch.

Icon Character Bender.png Thanks, H.G. Blob. We appreciate the heaving lifting.

Icon Character H. G. Blob.png I hope you don't mind that I got som gelatinousness on you.

Icon Character Bender.png I do mind, but I don't feel like getting swallowed today.

Icon Character H. G. Blob.png Good answer.

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