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The Original Party Worm
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Character Goal
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The Original Party Worm is one of the goals in Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow. It is the personal character goal of Slurms MacKenzie.

Part 1


Slurms MacKenzie returns to party.



  • 200 Nixonbucks 100 XP


Slurms MacKenzieWimmy Wam Wam Wozzle! I'm Slurms MacKenzie! Who's ready to party?!

BenderI am, but not with you, 'cause you're dead. I saw you die on Wormulon to save me and my friends.

Slurms MacKenzieThat was the old Slurms. I'm a new Slurms, for a whole new generation of partiers.

Slurms MacKenzieSee, the original Slurms sold his name and likeness to the Slurm corporation in perpetuity as a trademark.

Slurms MacKenzieI'm a genetically engineered replacement, with an even more binding contract. Let's rock out!

Slurms MacKenzieAfter you first sign this non-disclosure agreement.

Slurms MacKenzieOh, god, that was grueling. I'm gonna need a couple of weeks of downtime before I can party again.

BenderUh oh. I told all my friends you were in town, and they all want to party with you!

BenderI'm sorry, Slurms. Look, why don't you hide out at my apartment until you're ready to party again.

Slurms MacKenzieI can't, man! The contract says I gotta party with, and wish a hearty "Wimmy Wam Wam Wozzle" to, anyone who asks!

Part 2


Slurms MacKenzie parties with URL.



  • 200 Nixonbucks 100 XP


URLSlurms MacKenzie?! You're my hero. Let's go out and paint the town red!

Slurms MacKenziePlease, officer, I got a killer headache. Could you wait a couple hours?

URLNo can do. I've seen your mandatory-party contract, and if you violate it, I'm gonna have to beat you and run you in.

Slurms MacKenzie [SIGH] Alright, let's go.

Slurms MacKenzieDon't worry about the fine print, my agent says, "It's just boilerplate," he says. "They'll never enforce it," he says...

Slurms MacKenzieOh, lord, I feel like I'm dying. Can I please take a nap?

URLYou just took a nap. How do you think I got so many pictures with you?

Slurms MacKenzieI have to warn you those pictures are property of the Slurm Corporation and may not be used without its express written consent.

URLAlready got it, baby. Check you the Department homepage -- you and me doin' Slurm shots in Speedos. Aw yeah.

Part 3


Slurms MacKenzie parties with Amy.



  • 200 Nixonbucks 100 XP


AmyYou're the coolest, Slurms MacKenzie!

Slurms MacKenzieThanks, ma'am. I'm contractually obliged to be the coolest, but it's nice to get the validation.

AmyNow c'mon, I wanna party!

Slurms MacKenzieSure, 'cause a decent conversation is too much to ask these days.

AmyI've never had this much fun in my life!

Slurms MacKenzieYeah, it wasn't so bad, I guess.

AmyIt sounds like you didn't have as much fun at that party as I did.

Slurms MacKenzieWell, they had Advil, so I'm not gonna complain.

Part 4


Slurms MacKenzie parties with Professor.



  • 200 Nixonbucks 100 XP


The ProfessorYou must be the party worm everyone's talking about!

Slurms MacKenzieYeah, I guess. Please don't tell me you want to party too!

The ProfessorWell, my doctor only allows me to party once a decade, but since you're in town, it seems like the right time to get wild and wasted!

The ProfessorNow come on. The early-bird discount at the discotheque ends at 5:45 pm.

Slurms MacKenzieThank for helping me enjoy kickin' it again, Professor. I really enjoy your style of low-impact partying. Now I'm gonna go take a well-deserved nap.

The ProfessorBut we're just getting started! It's extreme waltz night at the New New York Historical Society!

Slurms MacKenzieAw, please don't make me get further down tonight? I'm about to pass out.

The ProfessorOh, I'm sorry, I didn't realize I was partying with Excuses MacKenzie.

Part 5


Slurms MacKenzie takes a break.



  • 200 Nixonbucks 100 XP


Slurms MacKenzieI need a break. I don't know how much more of this my body can take.

BenderYou, sir, are an insult to the memory of the original Slurms MacKenzie, who, as you may recall, partied 'til he died.

Slurms MacKenzieLook, I've read all the scholarly biographies of the original Slurms, and he had many noble qualities, but face it, Bender: he didn't know when to stop.

BenderThat's enough! Give me those sunglasses and that aloha shirt. If you won't rock the Casbah, I will.

Slurms MacKenzieBender, no! Are you planning to party 'til you die?

BenderWell, I'm sure planning to party 'til somebody dies.

BenderI thought you were taking a break from rocking out.

Slurms MacKenzieI was, but Slurm's lawyers brought a breach-of-contract suit against me for failure to party, so here I am.

BenderYou should fight them in court!

Slurms MacKenzieThey filed the suit in the West Village. Opening arguments alone would take more partying than I got left in me.

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