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1. The Moon's A Balloon
Mission The Moons a Balloon.png
The Moon
Recommended Level:
Number of Paths:

The Moon's A Balloon is the first mission on The Moon.

Kif and Amy get a balloon animal.


Path Fuel Required Character(s) Combats Interactions
North 18 Fry 5 2
Northeast 17 Fry 3 2
Southeast 18 Lv 9 Fry 6 2
TOTAL 53 Lv 9 Fry 10 4


Moon 1 The Moon's a Balloon.jpg

Possible Enemies[]

  • Paramecium
  • Space Bee
  • Space Alligator
  • Wild Buggalo


  • 1 Giga Delivery Chip
  • 1 Giga Career Chip
  • 1 Giga Science Chip
  • 30Hypnoton
  • 20XP


At Luna Park you ask Crater Face to make you a balloon animal. You have your reasons.

Crater Face: I am a fully certified specialist in the veterinarian balloon arts. Let your imagination run free!

Choice 1: You mean you can make anything? +6XP
Choice 1: Can you make one that will last? Failure.

Crater Face: No. Now, let your mind go wild and pick something fantastic!

Choice 2: Can you make a weiner dog? +20XP
Crater Face: Yes, that's one of mine!
Choice 2: Can you make a 6-tentacled squid? Failure.
Crater Face: Not really. But I can make a weiner dog.
Choice 2: Can you surprise me? Failure.
Crater Face: Not really. But I can make a weiner dog.

Craterface: What color would you like your weiner, dog? Remember to be inventive!

Choice 3: I don't care...red? Failure.
Crater Face: Well if you don't care, I'll make it brown.
Choice 3: My favorite color is brown. +20XP
Craterface: Same for the people who pack balloon assortments!
Choice 3: What colors do you have? Failure.
Craterface: I have brown.

Craterface: Would you please help me blow up this balloon? My emphysema is acting up.

(Success seems to be random)

Choice 4: Fine, if it will get me my balloon faster. Failure.
Choice 4: Do you want to borrow my inhaler? Failure.
Choice 4: Don't smoke in an oxygen dome. Failure.

Craterface: Now, just a few twists of the wrists and a couple of marker dot eyes. Voilà! Folk art!

You take your balloon weiner dog. It may even last you until you get back to the ship.

Space Interactions[]

Standard Rewards[]

  • 25Nixonbucks
  • 15XP

Interrogation Sensation[]

Location: ?? Moon Patrol: We've received reports of a Bending Unit cheating at arcade games at Luna Park. Do you know the whereabouts of this particular robot?

Choice 1: Snitch on Bender.
Choice 1: Lie. Influencer Level 8. +2 Giga Career Chip
Choice 1: Attempt a low-gravity escape. -90XP
Even without gravity keeping you down, the Moon Patrol is still able to capture you. You are ejected from Luna Park. While the officers are on a smoke break, you sneak back in.

Oxygen Loss[]

Location:First node in Path B

It leaves you breathless.

The Planet Express ship has sprung a leak! You're losing oxygen! Think fast or die stupid!

Choice 1: Hold your nose and cross your fingers!
You stay alive long enough for the ship to activate backup oxygen. And breathe!
Choice 1: Plug the leak with a crossed finger!
Choice 1: Beg the ship's computer for help! Robot

Follow the Light[]

Location: Second node in locked Path C

The future's so bright, you better wear a welder's mask.

You enter a huge cave. It's dark, but you consider going deeper. What could go wrong?

Choice 1: Stumble in and curse the darkness. +2 Mega Career Chip OR -50
You survived despite all the odds and your effort. You make your way into a big cavern.
While stumbling around, you trip. Ouch! the dark hurts! You now limp into a big cavern.
Choice 1: Light a single candle. Delivery BoyLvl 9. +2 Mega Career Chips
With the help of some matches, you track footsteps into the dark abyss. You make your way into a big cavern.

You hear a strange sound off in the darkness.

Choice 2: Exit the cave. +?
Choice 2: Check it out. +2 Mega Career Chip OR -50
You head towards the sound and find a lone Martian Spider and a stash of supplies. You squash the spider and take the goods. Survival of the fittest!
You walk right into a nest of Martian Spiders. You seem to have interrupted their seasonal migration to the moon.
Choice 2: Charge at the sound...boldly. Delivery BoyLvl 9. +2 Mega Career Chips.
You charge straight into a nest of Martian Spiders guarding a stash of supplies. You unwillingly squash the spiders but willingly take the goods.

The cavern opens up again. You see a light. Time to make a dramatic exit.

Choice 3: Run to the cave exit. +2 Mega Career Chip
You trip and fall...over some VALUABLE SUPPLIES. The universe is on your side! You pick them up and exit the cave.
Choice 3: Walk out cautiously. +6XP
A ray of light washes against your face. A thumbs-up selfie would be appropriate right now.

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