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The Hip Joint
The Hip Joint.png
Game Details
Collect Time:
55 Currency Nixonbucks.png 35 Icon Experience.png
Build Details
Build time:
3h Icon Build Time.png
750 Currency Nixonbucks.png
2 x 2
Formerly "Gimbals".

The Hip Joint is one of the Buildings in the game Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow.

Character Unlock Materials

No results


Character Actions

Image Character Name
Amy Attend Social Event
Bobsled Hermes Mentally Prepare Himself
Cartridge Unit Take Unhelpful Requests
George Takei Use Twitcher
Mayor Poopenmeyer Turn a Blind Eye
Michelle Run Off
Midlife Crisis Lrrr Bust a Move
Power Suit Amy Fix Her Hair
Power Suit Professor Work Out All His Arms
Robot 1-XS Compliment Profusely
Robot 1-XS Rose Gold Compliment Profusely
Robot 1-XS Space Black Compliment Profusely
Santa Claus Bender Down Some Egg Nog
Santa's Aides Engage in a Bar Fight
Sinclair 2k Use Up His Resources

Character Event Actions

Image Event Character Name
Love is in the Air Fry Get Jealous
Love is in the Air Leela Be Suspicious

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