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The Heat Is On
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Story type
Side Goal
Robot Hell On Earth
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Evil Ways

The Heat Is On is one of the side goals in Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow.

Part 1


Roberto picks his own side.



  • 5 Robot Soul 80 XP


Devilish Fry So you work for the Robot Devil now?

Roberto I don't work for no one, man! I'm an artist! I stab for me.

Devilish Fry Well, is there any chance you might choose to stab the Robot Devil on your own?

Roberto Naw, that'd be like murderin' Robot God.

Roberto I aint tryin' that again!

Robot Devil I command you to murder Fry and all of his friends.

Roberto Man, it's always "murder this" and "kill that" with you people. You all have an agenda.

Roberto All I want to do is stab innocent bystanders in peace, is that too much to ask?

Part 2


Fry asks for Scruffy's help.



  • 5 Robot Soul 50 XP


Devilish Fry Hey Scruffy, we need help defeating the Robot Devil.

Scruffy You people been askin' me to help do stuff ever since this Hypnowave thing started. Ain't none of it Scruffy's problem.

Scruffy Hell on Earth? Not Scruffy's problem. Universal catastrophe? Not Scruffy's problem. All I care about's keepin' the building clean, the heat on, and the toilets flushin'. That's my entire life.

Devilish Fry Of all the souls I have encountered in my travels, Scruffy, yours is the most human.

Devilish Fry If you ever change your mind and want to help us fight the door's always open.

Scruffy Scruffy's seen far too much killin' in his time. Never again will I raise my hand in violence.

Devilish Fry Oh. Well, is there any chance you have a daughter somewhere who might be captured and killed by international criminals, forcing you to abandon your oath to nonviolence?

Part 3


Robot Gypsy predicts the end.



  • 20 Robot Soul 100 XP


Amy Tell me, Robot Gypsy -- when will Robot Hell go away and everything be back to normal?

Robot Gypsy It may never happen! Robot Hell could be the new normal!

Amy But the hellfire makes my hair frizzy.

Robot Gypsy Listen, my child. Frizzy hair will soon be the least of your worries!...

Robot Gypsy ...Once you buy one of my world-famous gypsy hair-kerchiefs! Five styles to choose from! Ten bucks apiece of three for $20.

Robot Gypsy In the coming struggle between Good and Evil, victory will belong to those who are purest of heart.

Amy Purest of heart? How would you even measure that?

Robot Gypsy It is surprisingly easy. I suggest you clear your browser history as soon as possible.

Part 4


Fender lays low.



  • 20 Robot Soul 100 XP


Fender I'm afraid my sex-and-drugs-and-rock-and-roll lifestyle's finally catching up with me, Bender.

Fender I'm startin' to have frightenin' visions of a fiery Hell, man.

Ghost Bender Nah, that's actual Hell you're seeing. The Robot Devil's building an extension downtown.

Fender I KNEW something as enjoyable as sex and drugs and rock and roll could never harm me in any way!

Fender What with all the Hell everywhere, it's getting downright dangerous to party in this city.

Fender Used to be I'd get wasted and jump into a pool from a hotel balcony, two, three times a night. Now the pools are all filled with fire and brimstone!

Ghost Bender The answer is simple, Fender. Instead of jumping off the balcony yourself, throw your music-business rivals off the balcony into the hellfire, west-coast style.

Fender Hey, that's brilliant. Maybe you DO belong in the music industry!

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