The Bachelor Life
Goal Fry Bachelor.png
Story type
Character Goal
Lrrr Strikes Back
Previous Goal
Perfect Disguise

Part 1


Fry stays in.


  • Have Bachelor Fry Play the Air Guitar (1h 0m 0s)
  • Have Bender Instigate a Bar Fight (1h 0m 0s)



Icon Character Scruffy.png Scuse me, Mr. Fry, but I couldn't help noticing you're wearin' fewer pants than normal.

Icon Outfit Fry Bachelor.png It's a disguise, Scruffy. I'm on the run from an entire alien race.

Icon Character Scruffy.png I find growin' a mustache is pretty effective. SEC's been lookin' for me ever since I absconded with $45 million in bearer bonds fifteen eyars ago.

Icon Character Scruffy.png Ooops.

Icon Character Scruffy.png Probably I oughta kill you now.

Icon Outfit Fry Bachelor.png Funny... I forgot how much I love playing air guitar in my underwear.

Icon Character Bender.png You know, nowadays we have the technology to turn air guitar gestures directly into actual guitar music.

Icon Outfit Fry Bachelor.png Whoa, really? Will my air guitar sound as cool as it looks?

Icon Character Bender.png Exactly as cool as it looks.

Icon Character Bender.png Now if you'll excuse me, I have some irony I need to enjoy in private.

Part 2


Fry chows down.




Icon Outfit Fry Bachelor.png Boy, I'm starving. Do we have any food?

Icon Character Bender.png I've got some hot dogs on the rotisserie in my ass...

Icon Outfit Fry Bachelor.png Too classy. I want something more bachelor-oriented. Do we still have those leftover Hot Pockets from last summer's quote-unquote barbecue?

Icon Character Bender.png I'll check the shed on the roof.

Icon Outfit Fry Bachelor.png Those Hot Pockets really hit the spot. I feel like I'm back in my college days!

Icon Character Bender.png You went to college?

Icon Outfit Fry Bachelor.png A little bit. When I say "days", I mean it literally.

Part 3


Fry hits the hay.




Icon Outfit Fry Bachelor.png You know what I used to love about being in my early 20s? I could go out and have fun and then just pass out anywhere.

Icon Character The Professor.png That's exactly what I love about my late 160s! Observe:

Icon Character The Professor.png [ZZZZ]

Icon Outfit Fry Bachelor.png Not bad, but if you want any style points, you have to pass out somewhere really uncomfortable. Watch and learn.

Icon Outfit Fry Bachelor.png Guess what? While I was sleeping on a park bench. Lrrr walked right by me without even noticing!

Icon Outfit Fry Bachelor.png Acting like a slob bachelor was a stroke of genius. While he's looking for late-20s Fry. I'm out enjoying life as early-20s Fry!

Icon Character The Professor.png Is survival really worth it? You must have been quite unpopular in your early 20s.

Icon Outfit Fry Bachelor.png Unpopular, yes -- but almost everybody agreed I was alive.

Icon Character The Professor.png Not if they smelled you, they didn't.

Part 4


Fry disrupts the workplace.


  • Have Bachelor Fry Neglect Personal Hygiene (8h 0m 0s)
  • Have Amy Plug Her Noseholes (4h 0m 0s)



Icon Character Amy.png Fry, your odor is starting to become a major issue.

Icon Outfit Fry Bachelor.png What?! Zoidberg smells a lot worse than I do, and you tolerate him!

Icon Character Amy.png We make him live in a dumpster, Fry.

Icon Outfit Fry Bachelor.png Even worse! You treat him like a beloved family member!

Icon Character The Professor.png Fry, we've instituted a mandatory shower policy, effective immediately.

Icon Outfit Fry Bachelor.png This is a witch hunt!

Icon Character The Professor.png It's really more of a workplace safety thing. You're giving off dangerous levels of volatile organic compounds.

Icon Outfit Fry Bachelor.png I am? Then I've done it! At last I've completely recreated my early-20s lifestyle!

Icon Outfit Fry Bachelor.png Like Alexander, I have no more worlds left to conquer.

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