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For use by Template:Icons.


{{Icons Stat|<stat>|<size>}}

  • stat - Icon to display.
  • size - Size of the icon to display in pixels. Do not include the "px". Defaults to 20px.

Available Icons

Edit Icon list

Attack {{Icons|attack}}
Defense {{Icons|defense}}
HP {{Icons|hp}}
Speed {{Icons|speed}}
Death {{Icons|death}}
Attack 8-Bit {{Icons|attack8}}
Defense 8-Bit {{Icons|defense8}}
Death 8-Bit {{Icons|death8}}
HP 8-Bit {{Icons|hp8}}
Combat Status (Passives)
Bleed {{Icons|bleed}}
Blind {{Icons|blind}}
Burn {{Icons|burn}}
Charm {{Icons|charm}}
Confuse {{Icons|confuse}}
Electrify {{Icons|electrify}}
Freeze {{Icons|freeze}}
Heal Aura {{Icons|heal}}
Invulnerable {{Icons|invulnerable}}
Poison {{Icons|poison}}
Sleep {{Icons|sleep}}
Stun {{Icons|stun}}
Summon Block {{Icons|summon block}}
Taunt {{Icons|taunt}}

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