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This template is used to display icons. Icons should be added in the individual Icons <category> template and the corresponding doc. For use by Template:Icons.


{{Icons Outfit|<class>|<size>}}

  • outfit - Icon to display.
  • size - Size of the icon to display in pixels. Do not include the "px". Defaults to 20px.

Available Icons

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Amazonian Amy {{Icons|amazonian amy}}
Nightlife Amy {{Icons|nightlife amy}}
Power Suit Amy {{Icons|power suit amy}}
Gynecaladriel {{Icons|gynecaladriel}}
Burglar Bender {{Icons|bee bender}}
Burglar Bender {{Icons|burglar bender}}
Down N' Out Bender {{Icons|down n out bender}}
Ghost Bender {{Icons|ghost bender}}
Golden Bender {{Icons|gold bender}}
Hunter Bender {{Icons|hunter bender}}
Obsolete Bender {{Icons|obsolete bender}}
Pharaoh Bender {{Icons|pharaoh bender}}
Ramblin' Rodriguez {{Icons|ramblin bender}}
Santa Bender {{Icons|santa bender}}
Titanius Anglesmith {{Icons|titanius anglesmith}}
Superking {{Icons|superking}}
Ghost Calculon {{Icons|ghost calculon}}
Shakespeare Calculon {{Icons|shakespeare calculon}}
Sir Knight Calculon {{Icons|sir knight calculon}}
Bachelor Fry {{Icons|bachelor fry}}
Devilish Fry {{Icons|devilish fry}}
Power Suit Fry {{Icons|power suit fry}}
Robot Fry {{Icons|robot fry}}
Slurm Duke Fry {{Icons|slurm duke fry}}
Frydo {{Icons|frydo}}
Captain Yesterday {{Icons|captain yesterday}}
Hermafroditee {{Icons|hermafroditee}}
Mecha-Hermes {{Icons|mecha hermes}}
Cowboy Kif {{Icons|cowboy kif}}
Clobberella {{Icons|clobberella}}
Colonial Leela {{Icons|colonial leela}}
Lee Lemon {{Icons|leela lee lemon}}
Robot Leela {{Icons|robot leela}}
Power Suit Leela {{Icons|power suit leela}}
Leegola {{Icons|leegola}}
Outfit Midlife Crisis Lrrr {{Icons|midlife crisis lrrr}}
Colonial Professor {{Icons|colonial professor}}
Nude Professor {{Icons|nude professor}}
Power Suit Professor {{Icons|power suit professor}}
Great Wizard Greyfarn {{Icons|great wizard greyfarn}}
King Roberto {{Icons|king roberto}}
Robot 1-XS Rose Gold {{Icons|robot 1-xs rose gold}}
Robot 1-XS Space Black {{Icons|robot 1-xs space black}}
Power Suit Scruffy {{Icons|power suit scruffy}}
Off-Duty URL {{Icons|off-duty url}}
Doc Lobster {{Icons|doc lobster}}
Money Suit Zoidberg {{Icons|money suit zoidberg}}
Bathrobe Zapp {{Icons|bathrobe zapp}}
Motherly Mom {{Icons|motherly mom}}