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For use by Template:Icons.


{{Icons Currency|<currency>|<size>}}

  • currency - Icon to display.
  • size - Size of the icon to display in pixels. Do not include the "px". Defaults to 20px.

Available Icons

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Hypnoton {{Icons|hypnoton}}
Nixonbucks {{Icons|nixon}}
Pizza {{Icons|pizza}}
Fuel {{Icons|fuel}}
XP {{Icons|xp}}
Weed {{Icons|weed}}
Memory Chip {{Icons|memorychip}}
Currency Script.png {{Icons|script}}
Film Reel {{Icons|filmreel}}
Bullet {{Icons|bullet}}
Tombstone {{Icons|tombstone}}
D-Waste File {{Icons|dwastefile}}
Robot Soul {{Icons|robotsoul}}
Wumpus Berries {{Icons|wumpus}}
Robot Feather {{Icons|robotfeather}}
Wild Turkey Feathers {{Icons|wildfeathers}}
Santa Medal {{Icons|santamedal}}
Snail Slime {{Icons|snailslime}}
Candy Hearts {{Icons|candy hearts}}
Valentine's Day Card {{Icons|valentines}}
SWAG Tickets {{Icons|swag tickets}}
Sanctuary Permit {{Icons|sanctuary permit}}
Brass Knuckle {{Icons|brass knuckle}}
Diplomatic Credentials {{Icons|diplomatic credentials}}
Hero Medals {{Icons|hero medal}}
Hero Points {{Icons|hero point}}
Purple Hearts {{Icons|purple hearts}}
DOOP Supplies {{Icons|doop supplies}}

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