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Do not edit this template unless you understand what you are doing.

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This template is used to display icons. Icons should be added in the individual Icons <category> template and the corresponding doc.



Button icon to display.
Optional. Size of the icon to display in pixels. Do not include the "px". Defaults to 20px.

Available icons

Captain {{Icons|captain}}
Delivery Boy {{Icons|delivery boy}}
Influencer {{Icons|influencer}}
Robot {{Icons|defender}}
Scientist {{Icons|scientist}}
Villain {{Icons|villain}}

Hypnoton {{Icons|hypnoton}}
Nixonbucks {{Icons|nixon}}
Pizza {{Icons|pizza}}
Fuel {{Icons|fuel}}
XP {{Icons|xp}}
Weed {{Icons|weed}}
Memory Chip {{Icons|memorychip}}
Currency Script.png {{Icons|script}}
Film Reel {{Icons|filmreel}}
Bullet {{Icons|bullet}}
Tombstone {{Icons|tombstone}}
D-Waste File {{Icons|dwastefile}}
Robot Soul {{Icons|robotsoul}}
Wumpus Berries {{Icons|wumpus}}
Robot Feather {{Icons|robotfeather}}
Wild Turkey Feathers {{Icons|wildfeathers}}
Santa Medal {{Icons|santamedal}}
Snail Slime {{Icons|snailslime}}
Candy Hearts {{Icons|candy hearts}}
Valentine's Day Card {{Icons|valentines}}
SWAG Tickets {{Icons|swag tickets}}
Sanctuary Permit {{Icons|sanctuary permit}}
Brass Knuckle {{Icons|brass knuckle}}
Diplomatic Credentials {{Icons|diplomatic credentials}}
Hero Medals {{Icons|hero medal}}
Hero Points {{Icons|hero point}}
Purple Hearts {{Icons|purple hearts}}
DOOP Supplies {{Icons|doop supplies}}

Attack {{Icons|attack}}
Defense {{Icons|defense}}
HP {{Icons|hp}}
Speed {{Icons|speed}}
Death {{Icons|death}}
Attack 8-Bit {{Icons|attack8}}
Defense 8-Bit {{Icons|defense8}}
Death 8-Bit {{Icons|death8}}
HP 8-Bit {{Icons|hp8}}
Combat Status (Passives)
Bleed {{Icons|bleed}}
Blind {{Icons|blind}}
Burn {{Icons|burn}}
Charm {{Icons|charm}}
Confuse {{Icons|confuse}}
Electrify {{Icons|electrify}}
Freeze {{Icons|freeze}}
Heal Aura {{Icons|heal}}
Invulnerable {{Icons|invulnerable}}
Poison {{Icons|poison}}
Sleep {{Icons|sleep}}
Stun {{Icons|stun}}
Summon Block {{Icons|summon block}}
Taunt {{Icons|taunt}}

Icon Pack Health.png {{Icons|health pack}}
Icon Pack Revive.png {{Icons|revive pack}}
Icon Fuel Refill Small.png {{Icons|fuel pack small}}
Icon Fuel Refill Large.png {{Icons|fuel pack large}}

Admiral Chu {{Icons|admiral chu}}
Amy {{Icons|amy}}
Ben Franklin {{Icons|ben franklin}}
Bender {{Icons|bender}}
Bender's Mom {{Icons|benders mom}}
Bev {{Icons|bev}}
Bigfoot {{Icons|bigfoot}}
Bill Nye {{Icons|bill nye}}
Billionairebot {{Icons|billionairebot}}
Blatherbot {{Icons|blatherbot}}
Borax Kid {{Icons|borax kid}}
Boxy {{Icons|boxy}}
Butcher Bot {{Icons|butcher bot}}
Calculon {{Icons|calculon}}
Cartridge Unit {{Icons|cartridge unit}}
Father Changstein El-Gamal {{Icons|father changstein el-gamal}}
Chanukah Zombie {{Icons|chanukah zombie}}
Chris Hardwick {{Icons|chris hardwick}}
Clamps {{Icons|clamps}}
Crushinator {{Icons|crushinator}}
Destructor {{Icons|destructor}}
Donbot {{Icons|donbot}}
Dr. Cahill {{Icons|dr. cahill}}
Mutant Dwayne {{Icons|mutant dwayne}}
El Chupanibre {{Icons|el chupanibre}}
Elzar {{Icons|elzar}}
Fanny {{Icons|fanny}}
Fender {{Icons|fender}}
Flexo {{Icons|flexo}}
Florp {{Icons|florp}}
Free Waterfall Jr {{Icons|free waterfall jr}}
Fry {{Icons|fry}}
George Takei {{Icons|george takei}}
Glab {{Icons|glab}}
Hattie McDoogal {{Icons|hattie}}
Head Cat {{Icons|head cat}}
Hedonismbot {{Icons|hedonismbot}}
Hermes {{Icons|hermes}}
H. G. Blob {{Icons|h.g.blob}}
Hookerbot {{Icons|hookerbot}}
The Professor {{Icons|professor}}
Hyper-chicken {{Icons|hyper-chicken}}
Igner {{Icons|igner}}
Ignus {{Icons|ignus}}
Inez {{Icons|inez}}
Joey Mousepad {{Icons|joey mousepad}}
Jrrr {{Icons|jrrr}}
Kif {{Icons|kif}}
Kwanzaabot {{Icons|kwanzaabot}}
LaBarbara {{Icons|labarbara}}
Larius {{Icons|larius}}
Larry {{Icons|larry}}
Leela {{Icons|leela}}
Leg Mutant {{Icons|leg mutant}}
Leo {{Icons|leo}}
Linda {{Icons|linda}}
Lisa {{Icons|lisa}}
Lrrr {{Icons|lrrr}}
Malfunctioning Eddie {{Icons|malfunctioning eddie}}
Mayor Poopenmeyer {{Icons|mayor poopenmeyer}}
Michelle {{Icons|michelle}}
Mom {{Icons|mom}}
Momon {{Icons|momon}}
Monique {{Icons|monique}}
Morbo {{Icons|morbo}}
Morris {{Icons|morris}}
Mr. Peppy {{Icons|mr. peppy}}
Ndnd {{Icons|ndnd}}
Neil deGrasse Tyson {{Icons|ndt}}
Nibbler {{Icons|nibbler}}
Nixon Agnew {{Icons|nixon agnew}}
Nylar 4 Ambassador {{Icons|nylar 4 ambassador}}
Pain Monster {{Icons|pain monster}}
Pazuzu {{Icons|pazuzu}}
Petunia {{Icons|petunia}}
Preacherbot {{Icons|preacherbot}}
Roberto {{Icons|roberto}}
Robot 1-XS {{Icons|robot 1-xs}}
Robot Devil {{Icons|robot devil}}
Robot Gypsy {{Icons|robot gypsy}}
Robot Santa Claus {{Icons|robot santa}}
Scruffy {{Icons|scruffy}}
Sinclair 2k {{Icons|sinclair 2k}}
Slurms MacKenzie {{Icons|slurms mackenzie}}
Smitty {{Icons|smitty}}
Snowmotron {{Icons|snowmotron}}
Stephen Hawking {{Icons|stephen hawking}}
Tinny Tim {{Icons|tinny tim}}
Turbo Neptunian {{Icons|turbo neptunian}}
URL {{Icons|url}}
Villager {{Icons|villager}}
Mutant Vyolet {{Icons|mutant vyolet}}
Walt {{Icons|walt}}
Waltazar {{Icons|waltazar}}
Zapp {{Icons|zapp}}
Zoidberg {{Icons|zoidberg}}
Zookeeper {{Icons|zookeeper}}

Amazonian Amy {{Icons|amazonian amy}}
Nightlife Amy {{Icons|nightlife amy}}
Power Suit Amy {{Icons|power suit amy}}
Gynecaladriel {{Icons|gynecaladriel}}
Burglar Bender {{Icons|bee bender}}
Burglar Bender {{Icons|burglar bender}}
Down N' Out Bender {{Icons|down n out bender}}
Ghost Bender {{Icons|ghost bender}}
Golden Bender {{Icons|gold bender}}
Hunter Bender {{Icons|hunter bender}}
Obsolete Bender {{Icons|obsolete bender}}
Pharaoh Bender {{Icons|pharaoh bender}}
Ramblin' Rodriguez {{Icons|ramblin bender}}
Santa Bender {{Icons|santa bender}}
Titanius Anglesmith {{Icons|titanius anglesmith}}
Superking {{Icons|superking}}
Ghost Calculon {{Icons|ghost calculon}}
Shakespeare Calculon {{Icons|shakespeare calculon}}
Sir Knight Calculon {{Icons|sir knight calculon}}
Bachelor Fry {{Icons|bachelor fry}}
Devilish Fry {{Icons|devilish fry}}
Power Suit Fry {{Icons|power suit fry}}
Robot Fry {{Icons|robot fry}}
Slurm Duke Fry {{Icons|slurm duke fry}}
Frydo {{Icons|frydo}}
Captain Yesterday {{Icons|captain yesterday}}
Hermafroditee {{Icons|hermafroditee}}
Mecha-Hermes {{Icons|mecha hermes}}
Cowboy Kif {{Icons|cowboy kif}}
Clobberella {{Icons|clobberella}}
Colonial Leela {{Icons|colonial leela}}
Lee Lemon {{Icons|leela lee lemon}}
Robot Leela {{Icons|robot leela}}
Power Suit Leela {{Icons|power suit leela}}
Leegola {{Icons|leegola}}
Outfit Midlife Crisis Lrrr {{Icons|midlife crisis lrrr}}
Colonial Professor {{Icons|colonial professor}}
Nude Professor {{Icons|nude professor}}
Power Suit Professor {{Icons|power suit professor}}
Great Wizard Greyfarn {{Icons|great wizard greyfarn}}
King Roberto {{Icons|king roberto}}
Robot 1-XS Rose Gold {{Icons|robot 1-xs rose gold}}
Robot 1-XS Space Black {{Icons|robot 1-xs space black}}
Power Suit Scruffy {{Icons|power suit scruffy}}
Off-Duty URL {{Icons|off-duty url}}
Doc Lobster {{Icons|doc lobster}}
Money Suit Zoidberg {{Icons|money suit zoidberg}}
Bathrobe Zapp {{Icons|bathrobe zapp}}
Motherly Mom {{Icons|motherly mom}}

Icon NPC Clamps.png {{Icons|clamps npc}}
Omicronian Bird {{Icons|omicron bird}}
Omicronian Guard {{Icons|omicron guard}}
Omicronian Hound {{Icons|omicron hound}}
Pimparoo {{Icons|pimparoo}}
Robot Minion {{Icons|robot minion}}
Robot Moth {{Icons|robot moth}}
Robot Snake {{Icons|robot snake}}
Robot Showgirl {{Icons|robot showgirl}}
Robot Gargoyle {{Icons|robot gargoyle}}

Common {{Icons|common}}
Uncommon {{Icons|uncommon}}
Rare {{Icons|rare}}
Epic {{Icons|epic}}
Legendary {{Icons|legendary}}
Legendary+ {{Icons|legendary2}}

Icon Chip Job Kilo.png {{Icons|job kilo}}
Icon Chip Job Mega.png {{Icons|job mega}}
Icon Chip Job Giga.png {{Icons|job giga}}
Icon Chip Job Tera.png {{Icons|job tera}}
Icon Chip Job Peta.png {{Icons|job peta}}
Icon Chip Cap Kilo.png {{Icons|cap kilo}}
Icon Chip Cap Mega.png {{Icons|cap mega}}
Icon Chip Cap Giga.png {{Icons|cap giga}}
Icon Chip Cap Tera.png {{Icons|cap tera}}
Icon Chip Cap Peta.png {{Icons|cap peta}}
Icon Chip Del Kilo.png {{Icons|del kilo}}
Icon Chip Del Mega.png {{Icons|del mega}}
Icon Chip Del Giga.png {{Icons|del giga}}
Icon Chip Del Tera.png {{Icons|del tera}}
Icon Chip Del Peta.png {{Icons|del peta}}
Icon Chip Inf Kilo.png {{Icons|inf kilo}}
Icon Chip Inf Mega.png {{Icons|inf mega}}
Icon Chip Inf Giga.png {{Icons|inf giga}}
Icon Chip Inf Tera.png {{Icons|inf tera}}
Icon Chip Inf Peta.png {{Icons|inf peta}}
Icon Chip Rob Kilo.png {{Icons|rob kilo}}
Icon Chip Rob Mega.png {{Icons|rob mega}}
Icon Chip Rob Giga.png {{Icons|rob giga}}
Icon Chip Rob Tera.png {{Icons|rob tera}}
Icon Chip Rob Peta.png {{Icons|rob peta}}
Icon Chip Sci Kilo.png {{Icons|sci kilo}}
Icon Chip Sci Mega.png {{Icons|sci mega}}
Icon Chip Sci Giga.png {{Icons|sci giga}}
Icon Chip Sci Tera.png {{Icons|sci tera}}
Icon Chip Sci Peta.png {{Icons|sci peta}}
Icon Chip Vil Kilo.png {{Icons|vil kilo}}
Icon Chip Vil Mega.png {{Icons|vil mega}}
Icon Chip Vil Giga.png {{Icons|vil giga}}
Icon Chip Vil Tera.png {{Icons|vil tera}}
Icon Chip Vil Peta.png {{Icons|vil peta}}

Build time {{Icons|build time}}