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This is the "Goal Parts" template.

This template defines the table "Goal_Parts". View table.

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This is a content section for Goal Part. These sections are generated: Description, Objectives, Rewards. The Table of Contents is added and condensed to only show the top level headers when the goal is a multi-part goal (goal_part = 1).


part_number - Integer. Remove if it is a one part Goal
description - Wiki-markup is allowed
action1 - <Character, Action Name, Time> Character needed to complete objective. Name of action the character is to complete. Time overrides what is automatically retrieved from character actions (optional).
building1 - Name of building to be built
nonaction_objective1 - Any objective that is not a character action or a building. Wiki-markup is allowed
rewards_currency - <amount, type> String
rewards_xp - Integer
rewards_other - Wiki-markup is allowed


{{Goal Part
| part_number=
| description=
| action1=
| action2=
| action3=
| building1=
| building2=
| building3=
| nonaction_objective1=
| nonaction_objective2=
| nonaction_objective3=
| rewards_currency=
| rewards_xp=
| rewards_other=


A Whole New World (of Tomorrow)! Part 1

{{Goal Part
| part_number=1
| description=Professor gets in the mood.
| action1=The Professor, Use Tractor Beam Gun, 1d 0h 0m 0s
| building1=Planet Express Building
| nonaction_objective1=This is not a character action!
| rewards_currency=75 nixon
| rewards_xp=25
| rewards_other= [[Pimparoo]] [[File:Pimparoo.png|75px]]