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Takei It Or Leave It
Story type
Main Goal
The George Takei Experience
Previous Goal
The George Takei Experience (Goal)
Next Goal
Space Case

Takei It Or Leave It is the main event goal of The George Takei Experience special event. Players must finish Part 3 of this goal line in order to fully unlock George Takei as a character. Unlocking George Takei also unlocks his personal side goal Oh My!.

Part 1


The crew hears conflicting reports.



  • 100 Nixonbucks 75 XP


The Professor Amy, there you are! I've just been watching a video George Takei posted for his billions of followers.

The Professor It appears your parents have kidnapped him and taken him to Mars!

Amy Kidnapped? I saw that video too. He said my parents invited him and he was having a great time.

The Professor Yes, but his voice lacked that mellow Takei rumble. And he was furiously blinking "Oh, my!" in Morse code the entire time.

Amy My parents have kidnapped the beloved George Takei! we need to save him!

Fry Umm... Right now I'm saving the universe--

Amy But George Takei is a celebrity! I don't think the universe has ever even been on TV!

Fry I bet it has. But it sure doesn't have as many followers as Takei does, so let's go.

Part 2


The crew attempts George Takei's rescue.



  • 100 Nixonbucks 75 XP


Amy Okay, here's the plan: you rescue Takei while I'm distracting my parents by announcing I'm pregnant and getting showered with gifts.

Fry Awww! I want gifts! Couldn't we switch?

Amy No! Besides, I'll have to return the gifts when they find out I was lying, but you'll still be the hero.

Fry Eh, I suppose George Takei's eternal gratitude is better than nothing.

Amy You're safe now, Mr. Takei. By the way, weren't you just a head in a jar the last time I saw you?

George Takei Yes I was, Amy. But you may remember the all-powerful entity Mellvar, another fan who once captured me. I persuaded him to restore my body in exchange for a personally dedicated copy of my autobiography.

Amy That's all he wanted? You got a great deal!

George Takei Oh no I didn't. He insisted that the personal dedication come from Bill Shatner.

Part 3


Bender invites George Takei



  • 100 Nixonbucks 75 XP


BenderHey, Takei, I'm heading out to O'Zorgnax's. How about a drink?

George TakeiPlease, Bender, I'm still recovering from the nightmare of being kidnapped.

BenderDid I mention they serve tranya?...

George TakeiDemons banished.

George Takei Bleech! That tranya was so awful, I'm actually sorry I got my body back!

Bender Well, you won't be if you stick with me, 'cause I'm about to go jack on with electricity. Wanna try?

George Takei I'm fairly sure that would kill me. But there's only one way to find out!

Part 4


Amy confronts her parents.


  • Confront Leo and Inez Wong


  • 100 Nixonbucks 75 XP


Amy My parents won't get away with this Mr. Takei. I'm going to go confront them about their celebrity-napping.

George Takei Careful, Amy, your father's a powerful man. He could destroy my acting career. Remember Dobbo the Adored?

Amy No.

George Takei [...]

Amy Ohhh...

Amy I'm truly sorry for the hell my parents put you through, Mr. Takei.

George Takei I wouldn't call it "hell", Amy. Hell is being fired by Donald Trump on "Celebrity Apprentice". Can you believe I lost to John Rich?

Amy Who's John Rich?

George Takei To this day, I have no idea.

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