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Take Back the Night
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Story type
Side Goal
Lrrr Strikes Back

Part 1


Bender taunts Lrrr.




Icon Character Bender.png Hey, Lrrr, your curfew called. I told it to bite my shiny metal ass!

Icon Character Lrrr.png Curfews cannot bite, nor can they place telephone calls. But they CAN be tightened!

Icon Character Lrrr.png Effective immediately, between dusk and dawn, both you AND youre cars must be off the streets!

Icon Character Bender.png But-- but New New Yorkers can't survive without overnight on-street parking! It's a virtual death sentence!

Icon Character Lrrr.png You can rent space in hideously expensive private garages! Of which, as it happens, I have recently purchased several.

Icon Character Lrrr.png Henceforth the Police Force will be responsible for enforcing the more rigorous curfew!

Icon Character Lrrr.png I order all officers to crack down on after-hours donut sales, and to immediately arrest anyone uttering the words "Aw yeah"!

Icon Character Lrrr.png However, I expect you to do this without using excessive and unnecessary violence. Understood?

Icon Character URL.png What? Sorry, man, I wasn't listening. I was just noticing how your name is my name pronounced backwards.

Part 2


The robots fight together.




Icon Character Bender.png This is great! All I have to do is point you at an Omicronian ship, surprise you, and your head blows right through it!

Icon Character Malfunctioning Eddie.png Yeah, before they repurposed me as an insane car salesman, I was known as Howitzer Eddie.

Icon Character Malfunctioning Eddie.png I was in the same robot artillery unit as Bazooka Joe.

Icon Character Bender.png We're a great team, Malfunctioning Eddie. Together I think we can take down the Omicronian fleet!

Icon Character Malfunctioning Eddie.png That's too much stress for me, Bender. My head can't handle it.

Icon Character Bender.png Yeah, how does that work exactly? Do you get your head repaired every time it explodes, or do you keep replacing it with cheap aftermarket heads?

Icon Character Malfunctioning Eddie.png I dunno. You'd have to ask my German mechanic, Perfectly Functioning Hans.

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