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Sponsored by Slurm
Sponsored by Slurm Logo.png
Start Date:
November 9, 2017
End Date:
November 14, 2017
Wumpus Berries Wumpus

Sponsored by Slurm was the 10th event, after Robot Hell On Earth, and followed by A Time to Give Thanks. It ran from November 9, 2017, to November 14, 2017.

Slurms MacKenzie brought the party to New New York, but Fry and Planet Express were all out of Slurm! The Slurm Queen has vanished, so Fry becomes Slurm Duke Fry in order to produce his own Slurm and fuel his addiction.

The event introduced many new currencies including Wumpus BerriesWumpus Berries, Royal SlurmRoyal Slurm.png, SlurmSlurm.png, Slurm LocoSlurm Loco.png, and Diet SlurmDiet Slurm.png.

  • Wumpus BerriesWumpus Berries were earned by defeating the Grunka Lunkas wandering around New New York.
  • Royal SlurmRoyal Slurm.png was earned by completing the Wormulon space missions and by Slurms MacKenzie's character actions.
  • The various Slurm cans were earned by Slurm Duke Fry's character actions.


Icon Name How to Unlock Special Action
Icon Character Bev.png Bev Collect Unlock Materials
Icon Outfit Slurm Duke Fry.png Slurm Duke Fry Collect Unlock Materials Produces Slurm for Bev
Icon Character Slurms.png Slurms MacKenzie 300 Pizza (Premium) Rarity Common.pngAlways Drops Royal Slurm.pngx3


Name Type
Slurm Drought Main Goal
Tasty Beverage Bev
The Original Party Worm Slurms MacKenzie
The Drink of Dukes Slurm Duke Fry


Name Planet How to Unlock Recommended Level
Refreshing Take Wormulon 5
Highly Carbonated Wormulon Complete Refreshing Take 10
Sugar Free Wormulon Complete Highly Carbonated 15
Drink Up Wormulon Complete Sugar Free 20
Natural Sweeteners Wormulon Complete Drink Up 25
Can It! Wormulon Complete Natural Sweeteners 30


Act Icon Name Cost Notes
Building Slurm Boat.png Slurm Boat 150 Pizza Spawns Glunka Lunkas
Building Slurm Factory.png Slurm Factory 200 Wumpus Berries


Icon Name How to Unlock Special Action
Decoration Royal Slurm Vat.png Royal Slurm Vat 100 Wumpus Berries Wumpus Berries
Decoration Beach Party Central.png Beach Party Central 300 Pizza (Premium) Slurms MacKenzie
Decoration Slurm Factory Gate.png Slurm Factory Gate 75 Royal Slurm.png Royal Slurm
Decoration Slurm Tree.png Slurm Tree 8 Slurm.png Slurm
Decoration Slurm Storage Cave.png Slurm Storage Cave 25 Slurm Loco.png Slurm Loco
Decoration Slurm Shrooms1.png Slurm Shrooms 3 Slurm Loco.png Slurm Loco
Decoration Slurm Shrooms2.png Slurm Shrooms 3 Diet Slurm.png Diet Slurm
Decoration Slurm Shrooms3.png Slurm Shrooms 3 Slurm Loco.png Slurm Loco
Decoration Slurm Shrooms4.png Slurm Shrooms 3 Diet Slurm.png Diet Slurm


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