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1. Space Invaders
File:Goal Space Invaders.png
Lrrr Strikes Back
Omicronian Mothership
Recommended Level:
Number of Paths:

Space Invaders is the first mission on the Omicronian Mothership.

The Omicronians pick a fight.


  • Required Character: None
  • Recommended Level: 5
  • Fuel Required: 33/26/23/26
  • Helpful Characters for Dialogue: None
  • Helpful Characters for Navigation: Lv12 Scientist, Lv15 Influencer


Mission completion:

  • 2 Giga Career
  • 60Weed (28 after first completion)
  • 25XP (5 after first completion)
  • 5Hypnoton

Combat events:

  • 3 Weed
  • 5XP

Empty location visited:

  • 3XP


OM 1 Space Invaders Map.jpg

Space Interactions[]

Peculiar Peril[]

Who knows what's in store?

Possibility 1:[]

You find a seemingly abandoned Omicronian Ship. You veer off course to get a better look.

You pull up to the abandoned ship. What do you do next?

  1. Investigate the abandoned ship. (1 giga delivery and 1 giga science; or "IT'S A TRAP!", leading to the following options)
    1. FIGHT! (76% chance; 1 giga delivery, 1 giga science OR failure: -200HP)
    2. RUN!
  2. Definitely a trap...bail out!

Possibility 2:[]

You pick up a distress call from an unidentified vessel. They claim to have been damaged in a skirmish with the Omicron Fleet.

The ship claims they need help, what do you do?

  1. Offer your help. (1 giga captain and 1 giga influencer; or "IT'S A TRAP!, leading to the following options)
    1. FIGHT! (76% chance; 2 giga captain OR failure:)
    2. RUN!
  2. Leave them be!

Enemy Sprites[]

Omicron Variant idle.png
Strong Omicronian Guard
OmicronGuard idle.png
Omicronian Guard
OmicronGuard idle.png
Weak Omicronian Guard
Poppler Variant idle.png
Alpha Poppler
Poppler idle.png
Poppler idle.png
Weak Poppler