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Some Assembly Required
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Story type
Character Goal

Some Assembly Required is one of the goals in Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow.

Part 1


Bender checks his eyes.


  • Have Bender Zoom In (2h 0m 0s)


  • 75 Nixonbucks 50 XP


Bender Hey, Dr. Senile, you know science stuff. Help me get over the effect of those Hypnowaves.

The Professor What symptoms are you experiencing, my boy?

Bender First off, I think my eyesight is messed up. Your skin looks silky smooth.

The Professor Well, I have been using a new moisturizer. It's been working wonders. And there's only a 90% chance of second-hand radiation poisoning.

Amy Did the Professor fix your eyesight, Bender?

Bender Sure did. I can see you're still getting cuteness injections.

Amy HEY!

Bender I'm sorry I insulted you. Let me apologize by returning your wallet.

Amy It's empty! Where's the money?

Bender Oh, you want THAT much apology. Okay, but I'll have to insult you a lot more first.

Part 2


Bender checks his camera.


  • Have Bender Take Some Snaps (4h 0m 0s)


  • 75 Nixonbucks 50 XP


Bender Almost losing my life has put everything in perspective.

The Professor Oh really?

Bender Yes. From now on, I will appreciate the beauty around me.

The Professor Which means taking pictures of anyplace but this dump.

Fry Get any good photos?

Bender Yep! They're mostly of celebrities' houses. For research.

Fry Public humiliation research? Or private blackmail research?

Bender Sir, I am a professional, ethical photojournalist! So, both.

Part 3


Bender tests the waters.



  • 75 Nixonbucks 50 XP


Bender I wonder if ol' Bender can still work his magic with the ladies?

Fry What magic? You mean sawing them in half?

Bender Don't be such a dope. I'm talking about a different kind of magic.

Fry Good, 'cause that trick isn't so impressive with fembots that are built to come apart at the waist.

Bender Looks like the love unit is still working.

Amy Bender, you were making out with an out-of-oder cigarette machine!

Bender You mean I'm a... necrobophiliac?! That's the ultimate taboo!

Bender I better go confess to Preacherbot. He'll know how to cover it up.

Part 4


Bender goes back to normal.



  • 75 Nixonbucks 50 XP


The Professor You seem back to your normal underfunctioning self.

Bender That's right. I'm back, baby!

The Professor Good. We could use someone to deliver a package to Mars.

Bender But my tummy hurts!

Fry How are you feeling?

Bender Never better! I've even had time to work my bending muscles.

Fry Is that why my bed's missing?

Bender Yeah, I bent the frame into a swan. Or was it a toaster? Whichever one's electric.

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