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Event Actions
Sinclair 2k
Sinclair 2k.png
Robot Defender
Brainy.png Brainy
Island of Lost Bots
The Bot Time Forgot
Combat Style:
Rank 2: Passive Confuse.png
Low Memory
Sinclair 2K enters fights Confused
Rank 3: Passive Confuse.png
Memory Leak
Sinclair 2K's basic attack has a 15% chance to Confuse enemies for 2 turns
Rank 4: Passive Remove All.png
Clean System
Sinclair 2K's Special Attack also removes all status effects (buffs and debuffs) from all allies
Even if you tap me the wrong way, I'll probably forget about it.

Sinclair 2k is an unlockable character available during the Island of Lost Bots event, Act 2.


Sinclair 2k is an outdated robot who first appears in a dream Bender has. He lives on an island with other outdated robots and has very poor memory. His memory is so bad that he forgot what his wife looks like. Like the other outdated robots, he refuses to be upgraded and is therefore useless in modern society.

See the full biography at 2K Infosphere.

Unlock Requirements[]

Sinclair 2k is available inside the Island Mystery Boxes during Act 2 of the Island of Lost Bots event.


Icon Name Time Cost Rewards Requirements
Sinclair 2k Get Lost.png
Get Lost
“Looking for direction...”
2h 0m 0s 65 Nixonbucks 40 XP
Electric Ladyland.png
Overload His Motherboard 1h 0m 0s 35 Nixonbucks 23 XP
Sinclair 2k Replace His Sockets.png
Replace His Sockets 4h 0m 0s 95 Nixonbucks 60 XP
  • Lv. 3
The Hip Joint.png
Use Up His Resources 6h 0m 0s 125 Nixonbucks 85 XP
Suicide Booth.png
Delete Memory File 8h 0m 0s 155 Nixonbucks 105 XP
NNYPD Precinct.png
Forget Past Conversations 12h 0m 0s 200 Nixonbucks 130 XP

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No outfits currently available.

Combat Sprites[]

Sinclair 2k idle.png
Sinclair 2k action.png
Sinclair 2k yay.png
Combat objects nut.png

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