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Set the Stage
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Story type
Character Goal
All My Circuits

Set the Stage is one of the goals in Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow.

Part 1


Shakespeare Calculon announces his new show.



  • 150 Nixonbucks 100 XP


Bender Hey Calculon, what's with the get-up?

Shakespeare Calculon I'm starring in "titus Androidicus" for Shakespeare in the park.

Bender Does that mean you're gonna die on stage?

Shakespeare Calculon Have you read that play? It's nothing BUT characters dying onstage!

Shakespeare Calculon Since I'll be playing every role, it'll take some fancy footwork.

Bender I can't wait to see your show!

Shakespeare Calculon And I can't wait to ignore you in the lobby as you beg for my autograph.

Shakespeare Calculon That's my favorite part about being an actor.

Part 2


Monique supports Calculon.



  • 150 Nixonbucks 100 XP


Monique I hear you're doing a stage show. Have you cast your leading lady yet?

Shakespeare Calculon Actually, Monique, I'll be playing all the roles. So I'll be my own leading lady.

Shakespeare Calculon I've already taken the precaution of falling in love with myself before the show opens.


Monique Are you sure you won't need an understudy? You know, in case you get sick and can't play a few of the roles?

Shakespeare Calculon Don't be ridiculous, Monique. I've never missed a show in my life.

Shakespeare Calculon What I was banned from Broadway those time I was dead, I even did a few roadshow performances of "Dracula"!

Monique Yes, the critics were surprised a corpse couldn't be more convincing as a vampire.

Part 3


Calculon gets early praise.



  • 150 Nixonbucks 100 XP


Fry Ready for opening night, Calculon?

Shakespeare Calculon Oh, this isn't opening night. This is just a preview for the critics.

Fry I thought previewing for the critics was a bad idea. That's why movie studios stopped doing it.

Shakespeare Calculon Pfft. Maybe it's a bad idea if you're talking about a "Transformers" movie. Do I look like a Transformer to you?

Fry Uh-huh!

Fry The critics loved your performance! One of them gave you an infinite number of stars!

Shakespeare Calculon That must have been Corruptron. For the right price he'll give anything a good review.

Shakespeare Calculon So, money well spent, I say.

Part 4


Calculon has some doubts.



  • 150 Nixonbucks 100 XP


Shakespeare Calculon So, Boxy -- you've come rolling back on your front and rear wheels to beg for a role in my play, eh?

Boxy Beep beep!!

Shakespeare Calculon Oh, I'm sure you WOULD accept a bit part, but I'm afraid they're all taken by superior actors -- me.

Boxy Beep!

Shakespeare Calculon No, there is no role of "Vending Machine" in Titus Androidicus.

Shakespeare Calculon You're thinking of "Henry IV, Part 2".

Shakespeare Calculon I'm worried, Bender. I've had a bunch of amnesia recently. What if I forget my lines?

Bender Relax. I'll stand offstage and tell you what to say.

Shakespeare Calculon Excellent. Remember to speak very loudly so I can hear you.

Bender Got it. Now, I noticed some of the words in this play are obsolete, so is it okay if I just make stuff up?

Shakespeare Calculon I'd be disappointed if you didn't.

Part 5


Calculon has a successful opening night.



  • 300 Nixonbucks 200 XP


Shakespeare Calculon Opening night at last! I don't mind telling you, Bender, I'm a little nervous.

Bender Afraid you'll flop?

Shakespeare Calculon Don't be ridiculous. I'm afraid people will be so concerned about the Hypnowaves, they won't notice my acting triumph!

Bender Oh, yeah, the Hypnowaves. Funny -- in all the Shakespeare excitement, I completely forgot about them.

Shakespeare Calculon Let's just hope everybody else in the universe has too!

Shakespeare Calculon Another opening night -- and another triumph for Calculon!

Bender What are you gonna do now?

Shakespeare Calculon Oh, the usual. Bask in the limelight, become the toast of the town, demand more money...

Bender Can I have the fembots who throw themselves at your feet but you don't want 'cause they're too skanky?

Shakespeare Calculon No, I want them too.

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