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Satellite Building
Satellite Building.png
Game Details
Collect Time:
50 Nixonbucks 35 XP
Build Details
Build time:
3h Build time
Initial Cost:
3,300 Nixonbucks
Repeat Cost:
6,600 Nixonbucks
4 x 4
Now featuring see-through windows.

Satellite Building is one of the Buildings in the game Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow.

Character Unlock Materials

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Character Actions

Image Character Name
Amazonian Amy Enjoy the View.png
Amazonian Amy Enjoy the View
Satellite Building.png
Bathrobe Zapp Seduce Diplomats
Satellite Building.png
Bill Nye Replay His TV Show
Boxy Call Calculon.png
Boxy Call Calculon
CBKif Show Up at High Noon.png
Cowboy Kif Show Up at High Noon
Destructor Answer the Telephones.png
Destructor Answer the Telephones
Flexo Steal Cable.png
Flexo Steal Cable
Satellite Building.png
Ghost Bender Reach the Top
Golden Bender Give Business Ideas.png
Golden Bender Give Business Ideas
H. G. Blob Rub Some Elbows.png
H. G. Blob Rub Some Elbows
Hedonismbot Engage in Depravity.png
Hedonismbot Engage in Depravity
Kif Do Zapp's Laundry.png
Kif Do Zapp's Laundry
Lee Lemon Do Some Reconnaissance.png
Lee Lemon Do Some Reconnaissance
Lrrr Get Good Reception.png
Lrrr Get Good Reception
Lrrr Get Good Reception.png
Lrrr Get Good Reception
Malfunctioning Eddie Send Out Mailers.png
Malfunctioning Eddie Send Out Mailers
Satellite Building.png
Mayor Poopenmeyer Record a TV Spot
Mecha-Hermes Connect to the Network.png
Mecha-Hermes Connect to the Network
Mr Peppy Eat a Janitor.png
Mr. Peppy Eat a Janitor
Satellite Building.png
Pazuzu Spread His Wings
Pharaoh Bender Communicate with Ancient Aliens.png
Pharaoh Bender Communicate with Ancient Aliens
Ramblin' Rodriguez Sing the Blues.png
Ramblin' Rodriguez Sing the Blues
Robot Fry Receive Radio.png
Robot Fry Receive Radio
Stephen Hawking Study the Universe.png
Stephen Hawking Study the Universe
URL Visit the League of Robots.png
URL Visit the League of Robots
Vyolet Take Free Soap.png
Vyolet Take Free Soap

Character Event Actions

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