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Event Actions
Robot Santa Claus
Robot Santa Claus.png
Scientist Scientist
Cool.png Cool
An Xmas Xarol
Xmas In the Trenches
Rank 2: Passive Attack Brainy.png
You've All Been Naughty
Robot Santa deals 10% increased damage to Brainy, Cool and Brave enemies
Rank 3: Passive Confuse.png
I Got You a Surprise
Robot Santa's basic attack has a 5% chance to confuse enemies for 4 turns
Rank 4: Passive Freeze.png
I Run Xmas
Robot Santa's Special Attack has a 15% chance to freeze enemies for 2 turns
Putting compost in the recycling bin? You've been VERY naughty!.

Robot Santa Claus is an unlockable character that was available during the An Xmas Xarol event, Act 5.

Unlock Requirements[]

Robot Santa Claus is available in the store for 750 Santa Medal.


365 Nebula OrbNebula Orb.png UncommonUncommon
Complete Act 5 Missions
Complete PvP battles


Icon Name Time Cost Rewards Requirements
Robot Santa Claus Take a Sleigh Ride.png
Take a Sleigh Ride 1h 0m 0s 35 Nixonbucks 23 XP
Robot Santa Claus Give Away Some Gifts.png
Give Away Some Gifts 2h 0m 0s 65 Nixonbucks 40 XP
  • Lv. 2
Robot Santa Claus Unleash His Wrath.png
Unleash His Wrath 4h 0m 0s 95 Nixonbucks 40 XP
  • Lv. 3
Robot Arms Apts.png
Check His List Twice 6h 0m 0s 125 Nixonbucks 85 XP
O'Zorgnax's Pub.png
Scan For the Naughty 8h 0m 0s 155 Nixonbucks 105 XP
Malfunctioning Eddie's Rocket Car Emporium.png
Reload His Weapons 10h 0m 0s 180 Nixonbucks 119 XP

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Combat Sprites[]

Robot Santa Claus idle.png
Robot Santa Claus action.png
Robot Santa Claus yay.png

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