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When participating in events, sometimes special nonplayable characters (NPCs) wander the streets of New New York. These special NPCs have interactions with characters and outfits. These interactions are generally thematic to the event.

For Robot Hell On Earth, the characters had to fight the NPCs to keep hell from rising. The higher the characters were leveled, the better equipped the characters were able to fight the demons and save the citizens. Also, the more characters the player had to fight with, the quicker enemies were defeated.

Week 1[]

Image Details
Incubot.png Incubot

HP: 2
Action Time: Instant
Spawn: 5 Every 4 Hours (Week 2=10 every 4 hours)
Drops: 3 Robot Soul
Chance for FuseFut icon material Fuse 7882@2x.pngRarity Common.pngCommon

Chance for WiresFut icon material Wires 7882@2x.pngRarity Uncommon.pngUncommon

Chance for GasolineFut icon material Gasoline 7882@2x.pngRarity Rare.pngRare

Can Fight Incubot Terrorizing Citizen Damage Incubot Terrorizing Citizen Info
Button Save Citizens.png
Robot Gypsy Robot Gypsy 10 at Level 1 HP: 10 and 30 (Added some with 30HP in Week 4)
Action Time: 6h
2 Cork.png 1 Eye of Amphibiosan.png 1 Fut icon material Gasoline 7882@2x.png 25 Robot Soul
Blatherbot Blatherbot Premium 10 at Level 1

Week 2[]

Can Fight Robot Moths Damage Robot Moths Info
Icon NPC Robot Moth.png
Billionairebot Billionairebot 11 at Level 1 HP: 20
Action Time: 6h
1 Batteries.png 1 Eye of Amphibiosan.png 20 Robot Soul 3 XP
Ghost Calculon Ghost Calculon Premium 11 at Level 1

Week 3[]

Can Fight Robot Snakes Damage Robot Snakes Info
Icon NPC Robot Snake.png
Ghost Bender Ghost Bender 10 at Level 1 HP: 20
Action Time: 2h
1 Water.png 1 Eye of Amphibiosan.png 10 Robot Soul 1 XP
Preacherbot Preacherbot Premium 10 at Level 1

Week 4[]

Can Fight Pink Robot Showgirls Damage Pink Robot Showgirls Info
Icon NPC Pink Robot Showgirl.png
Roberto Roberto 15 at Level 1 HP: 30
Action Time: 5h
1 Oil.png 1 Wing of Buggalo.png 20 Robot Soul 3 XP
Fender Fender 15 at Level 1

Week 5[]

Can Fight Robot Gargoyles Damage Robot Gargoyles Info
Icon NPC Robot Gargoyle.png
Pazuzu Pazuzu 14 at Level 1 HP: 40
Action Time: 2h
1 Wart of Omicronian.png 20 Robot Soul
Father Changstein El-Gamal Father Changstein El-Gamal Premium 14 at Level 1