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Robot Devil
Boss Robot Devil.png
Game Details
Robot Hell On Earth
Build Details
Located in main event area

During the Robot Hell On Earth event during Part 2 of The Robot Devil You Know Goal, Robot Devil spawns with 2000HP and 24 hours given to defeat him. The gameplay is very much like space missions. 5 characters can be selected to enter the fight. Bombs can be used to help defeat enemies. Robot Devil has the special ability to spawn new enemies. Spell Bombs Spellbomb.png stop new enemies from spawning for 3 turns. Robot Devil will only take damage when there are no other enemies protecting him. Once defeated, Robot Devil re-spawns in 4 hours or can be instantly re-spawned with 40Pizza.


Repeat Rewards
1 Magnet.png Magnet
5 Icon Chip Job Giga.png Giga Career Chip
50 Robot Soul Robot Soul

Possible Characters[]

Character Type
Devilish Fry Devilish Fry Captain
Robot Gypsy Robot Gypsy Influencer
Blatherbot Blatherbot Premium Robot
Ghost Calculon Ghost Calculon Premium Robot
Billionairebot Billionairebot Robot
Off-Duty URL Off-Duty URL Delivery Boy
Ghost Bender Ghost Bender Influencer
Preacherbot Preacherbot Premium Robot
Hookerbot Hookerbot Robot
Roberto Roberto Villain
Fender Fender Robot
Robot Leela Robot Leela Premium Robot
Father Changstein El-Gamal Father Changstein El-Gamal Premium Influencer
Pazuzu Pazuzu Delivery Boy

How to Play without Bombs:[]

High level characters (20-25+) are helpful. Add 1 high level Robot Robot, 1 Villain Villain and 2-3 Influencers Influencer to your party. The Robot Devil can be only be damaged when the row of enemies closest to him is empty. Defeat this row first, then the Robot Devil (to stop it spawning new enemies), and finally the second row of enemies.

Use the Robot defense boost Defense 8-Bit one time. Use the Villain's special ability (Enemy defense reduction) every time it refreshes. Use the Influencers periodically to heal. Also, if the battle is lost, simply battle again. Players are given a 24 hour window to knock down the 2000HP.

Enemy Sprites[]

Robot Devil idle.png
Robot Devil
RobotGuard idle.png
Chapek Guard
Chapek Robot idle.png
Chapek Robot
RobotElders orange idle.png
Robot Elders
AntiHumanPatrol idle.png
Anti-Human Patrol