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Robot 1-X Worker
RobotWorkerHouse stage-1.png
Game Details
Build Details
3 x 2
Rebuilding the city since whatever time you started playing this game.

Robot 1-X Worker units are used for constructing buildings and clearing Hypnowaves from blocks of land and over buildings in the game Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow. Only one worker may be assigned to work on a building or clearing task. Each additional worker can work on one additional task. This building cannot be stored in the inventory. The maximum workers a player can have is four.

Robot 1-X Workers are available from the start of the game. Not to be confused with Robot 1-XS, a playable character from the Island of Lost Bots event which looks like a Robot 1-X Worker but does not help with building tasks.


RobotWorkerHouse stage-1.png 1 Worker - Free

RobotWorkerHouse stage-2.png 2 Workers - 50Pizza

RobotWorkerHouse stage-3.png 3 Workers - 125Pizza

RobotWorkerHouse stage-4.png 4 Workers - 250Pizza


Worker Sound Effects[]

I can and will

Task completed


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