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Mystery Box

Purchasing a mystery box gives you a chance at one of the items on the loot table.

Boronburg Mystery Box[]

Boronburg Mystery Box.png
Remember your time on Boronburg with a special souvenir from this mystery box!
Cost Type Icon Boronburg Mystery Box Repeatable
Free Decoration Little Rock Alien.png Little Rock Alien
Decoration Self Playing Piano.png Self Playing Piano
Decoration Chicken of the Dirt Turnip Truck.png Chicken of the Dirt Turnip Truck
Decoration Hydroponic Farm House.png Hydroponic Farm House
Decoration Hydroponic Barn.png Hydroponic Barn
Decoration Overly Complex Japanese Toilet.png Overly Complex Japanese Toliet
Decoration Naked Fry Sculpture.png Naked Fry Statue
  • This mystery box can only be purchased once per day.

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