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Punishment for the Wicked
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Robot Hell On Earth
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Punishment for the Wicked is one of the main goals in Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow.

Part 1


Amy and Kif make some bombs.



  • 5 Robot Soul 80 XP


Amy Let's make some bombs to throw at the Robot Devil's army!

Kif That's not my idea of a fun date.

Amy You're only mad because an incubot tried to eat you limb from limb.

Kif And you just stood there and let it happen!

Amy Can I help it if that's MY idea of a fun date?

Kif The next time some Robot Hell sleazeballs mess with us, we'll be ready!

Amy I love it when you're confident!

Kif You do?

Amy ...and now it's gone.

Part 2


Bender targets the Robot Devil's pets.



  • 5 Robot Soul 50 XP


Ghost Bender Stupid Robot Devil won't give me my body back!

Ghost Bender I'm gonna take it out on his pets! And I'll start with his Robot Snakes!

Devilish Fry But that's animal cruelty.

Ghost Bender It is? Since when?

Devilish Fry Since we elected a robot cobra governor.

Devilish Fry The Robot Devil doesn't seem to care that you've destroyed his robot snakes.

Ghost Bender Then I'll have to resort to the one thing that never fails to destroy even the mightiest of tyrants.

Devilish Fry Nuclear annihilation?

Ghost Bender Better. A cleverly worded Internet meme!

Part 3


URL is back in action.



  • 20 Robot Soul 100 XP


Off-Duty URL Maybe now wasn't the time to take time off.

Smitty Are you worried about what's happening with the Robot Devil's army?

Off-Duty URL Yeah, they're physically assaulting citizens all over the city.

Off-Duty URL I mean, leave some for the boys in blue!

Off-Duty URL Chief called. She's cutting my vacation short so we can take care of the Robot Devil's army.

Smitty The problem has gotten that bad, huh?

Off-Duty URL Those scuzballs are terrorizing civilians.

Off-Duty URL She wants us all back in uniform so that doesn't happen to us. Aww yeah.

Part 4


Hookerbot pleads for help



  • 20 Robot Soul 100 XP

NOTE: This Part of the quest does not appear unless you have already recruited Hookerbot by this point. Once recruited, you will receive the Punishment for the Wicked Part 4.


Hookerbot You gotta stop these Incubots, Fry. They're bad for business.

Hookerbot They're programmed to contribute to the moral decay of New New York.

Devilish Fry I would have thought that would be good for your business.

Hookerbot Yeah but they're also programmed to be asexual.

Hookerbot If you help clear out the Incubots I'll let you touch me with your robot hands.

Devilish Fry Thanks, but I think they're gay. They keep touching me.

Hookerbot Are you sure they aren't just doing what you want?

Devilish Fry Not with the mess they make.

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