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Promoting Internally
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Story type
Side Goal
An Xmas Xarol
Previous Goal
You're a Mean One, Robot Santa

Promoting Internally is one of the goals in Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow. It is a side goal in the event An Xmas Xarol, Act 2.

Part 1


Learn about Promotions and Daily Missions.



  • 5 Santa Medal 50 XP


The ProfessorI've developed a system to reward our most effective warriors and shame the laziest ones.

Power Suit FryHow does it work?

The ProfessorThe effective fighters get a promotion. We shame the other by making them stand in the corner with their head down and think about what they've done.

Power Suit FryI'm rarin' to get started. Show me to my corner.

Power Suit FrySo if I get promoted, can I ask for a pay raise?

The ProfessorOh my no. Promotions are in name only.

The ProfessorWhy do you think I promoted Bender to "Greatest Robot Ever To Walk The Earth"?

Power Suit FryI thought it was because he already had it engraved on his ass.

Part 2


Promote your characters.



  • 5 Santa Medal 100 XP


Power Suit FryI'm willing to do whatever it takes to get promoted.

The ProfessorAre you coming on to me?

The ProfessorBecause, while it would be amusing if I were receptive to you romantic overtures, the fact is that I'm a homophobic old man and will fire you.

Power Suit FryWhy does every conversation we have end up involving gender politics in the workplace?

The ProfessorBecause of the Workplace Conversation Act of 3010.

The ProfessorGood news everyone! You all get promotions!

Santa BenderIf everybody gets a promotion, aren't they kind of meaningless?

The ProfessorSurely you're not suggesting the promotion I gave myself is meaningless?

Santa BenderThat's exactly what I'm suggesting!

The ProfessorBeware the wrath of Farnsworth -- God Emperor of Planet Express!

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