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Prodigal Pet
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Character Goal
Robot Hell On Earth
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The Loyal Gargoyle

Prodigal Pet is the goal for Pazuzu in Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow.

Part 1


Pazuzu returns.




Icon Character The Professor.png Oh, Pazuzu, my faithful gargoyle, you came back to me!

Icon Character Pazuzu.png Oui, Professor. In your hour of need, I, Pazuzu, will 'elp you battle ze Robot Devil.

Icon Character The Professor.png But how did you know the city was under attack?

Icon Character Pazuzu.png Ze gargoyle has ways zat are not your human ways.

Icon Character The Professor.png Oh my, yes. Human ways suck, all right.

Icon Character The Professor.png I'm afraid the Robot Devil can't be stopped - even by you, Pazuzu.

Icon Character Pazuzu.png None can withstand ze soul-blasting terror of Pazuzu. Zis Robot Devil, he shall flee the city in fear.

Icon Character Pazuzu.png I require only knowledge of his future whereabouts, and a hiding place from which I can suddenly come up on him from behind and tap his shoulder.

Icon Character Pazuzu.png And perhaps a scary mask.

Icon Character The Professor.png I'm not entirely sure the Robot Devil can be Abbott-and-Costello'd into running away, Pazuzu.

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