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Mutant In Robot's Clothing
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Story type
Character Goal
Robot Hell On Earth

Mutant In Robot's Clothing is one of the goals in Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow. It is the personal goal of Robot Leela, a premium costume for Leela available during the event Robot Hell On Earth.

Part 1


Leela puts on a disguise.



  • 5 Robot Soul 80 XP


The Professor Why are you wearing my kitchen appliances?

Robot Leela I'm going undercover as a robot. Maybe the Robot Devil has weaknesses we don't know about.

The Professor His weaknesses better include a complete unfamiliarity with kitchen appliances.

Robot Leela I tried listening in on their robot communications with my antenna, but I couldn't pick anything up.

The Professor That's because sticking a wire into a colander doesn't magically turn it into a radio!

Robot Leela Then how DO you turn a colander into a radio?

The Professor By buying a radio and putting it where the colander was.

The Professor It's called "science"!

Part 2


Leela has her moves down.



  • ? Robot Soul ? XP


Devilish Fry Please be careful spying on the Incubots, Leela. I don't want them to kill you.

Robot Leela Don't worry, they'll never know I'm human. I've been working on my robot dance moves.

Devilish Fry Be careful. Dance moves will only get you so far.

Robot Leela I learned that the hard way, when I tried to infiltrate a bunch of funky chickens.

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