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Delivery Boy Delivery Boy
Brave.png Brave
The Zapp Brannigan Event
Interview with the Alien
Combat Style:
Rank 2: Passive Attack.png
Uncontrollable Temper
Morbo's Special Attack fills up very quickly. Morbo's Special Attack deals 50% less damage.
Rank 3: Passive Remove Charm.png
Hit Piece
Morbo is immune to Charm. If Linda is in the crew, Morbo reflects 50% of the damage dealt to him.
Rank 4: Passive Electrify.png
Morbo the Destroyer
Morbo's Special Attack has a 10% chance to inflict Electrify for 2 turns, a 10% chance to inflict Burn to 2 turns and a 10% chance to inflict Bleeding for 2 turns.
Puny human fingers are no match for Morbo's MIGHTY CAPITALIZATION!

Morbo is a character available during Week 1 of The Zapp Brannigan Event.


Morbo the Annihilator is one of the little known species of yellow-eyed aliens with gigantic heads, the husband of Fawn, and the father of her numerous belligerent offspring. He is also a widely known television presenter. Morbo started as a reporter in Los Angeles, and now co-hosts several shows on Channel √2, most prominently, the news, with Linda van Schoonhoven, with whom he maintains a relationship that is at least odd.

A violent alien and a good friend of President Richard Nixon, he is also obsessed with taking over Earth, mentioning it very frequently. Apparently, he is the scout of an impending alien invasion, although it is possible that his evil is just an act used to increase ratings. Morbo always refers to himself in the third person, and his exposed torso is terrifying beyond imagination.

See the full biography at The Infosphere.

Unlock Requirements[]

Morbo can be purchased from the shop for 35 Morbo Disks Morbo Disks during Week 1 of The Zapp Brannigan Event. He costs 390Purple Hearts to unlock, and an additional 975Purple Hearts to fully upgrade (Total: 1,365Purple Hearts).


10 Morbo DiskMorbo Disk.png
Purchase for 65Purple Hearts from the shop.


Promotions use Morbo Disks instead of badges. The Nixonbucks cost is the same (see Levels for costs).

Rank 2: 10 Morbo Disks Morbo Disks
Rank 3: 40 Morbo Disks Morbo Disks
Rank 4: 100 Morbo Disks Morbo Disks

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