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4. Monster Bash
Mission Monster Bash.png
Required Character:
Recommended Level:
Number of Paths:
Previous Mission:
Go East, Old Man
The crew drives off El Chupanibre.

Monster Bash is the fourth mission on Earth. Fry is required to enter this mission.


Repeat Rewards First Time Rewards
12 Icon Chip Job Giga.png Giga Career Chip 12 Icon Chip Job Giga.png Giga Career Chip
100 Hypnoton Hypnotons ? Hypnoton Hypnotons
100 XP XP ? XP XP
Artifact5.png Earth Artifact
100% Completion
5 Pizza
Combat Rewards
45Nixonbucks 20XP


Path Fuel Path Locks Helpful Characters Combats Interactions
1 21 None Influencer18, Influencer 6 3
2 21 None Influencer18, Influencer 8 2
3 19 None Influencer18, Influencer 4 2
4 24 None Influencer18, Influencer 8 3
5 22 None Influencer18, Influencer 6 3


Earth 4 Monster Bash.png

Space Interactions[]

Dwayne's World[]

Path 1, node 1

It's a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside and enigma inside Dwayne.

Mutant Dwayne sits by Lake Mutagenic with something on his big mind.
When the sewers became unstable, I distracted myself with philosophical riddles. Would you like to be freed from the shackles of reality?
  1. I prefer the shackles. (6XP)
  2. Unshackle away. (6XP)
Let us begin... what has a face and two hands but no arms or legs?
  1. A clock? (2Icon Chip Inf Mega.png)
  2. Your mutant friend, Handface? (6XP)
  3. Your other friend Facehands? (?)
Second riddle... what has a neck but no head?
  1. Easy. Not you. (6XP)
  2. Easy. A bottle. (2Icon Chip Inf Mega.png)
  3. Easy. A headless giraffe. (?)
Last riddle... what has to be broken before you can use it?
  1. Here's my guess: I don't know. (6XP)
  2. An egg? (6XP)
  3. Something else? (6XP)

He Loves Her, He Loves Her Not[]

Paths 4 & 5, node 1

He Loves Her, He Loves Her Not

Before agreeing to underwear[]

Mutant Vyolet is weeping. She's not the only one with watery eyes.
  1. Console her. (6XP)
    There, there, Vyolet. It's probably not okay, but you should stop crying anyway. Vyolet: Raoul never spends time with me! Is a little tenderness too much to forcefully demand?
  2. Avoid her. (6XP)
[Insert Dialogue]
  1. Offer to help. (6XP)
  2. Ra-who-ul? (6XP)
  3. Yes. (6XP)
    You nod, hoping she'll take the hint, but Vyolet just snorts and keeps talking. Vyolet: If only I had something personal of his. Like his underwear.
[Insert Dialogue]
  1. Submit. (6XP)
    Steal underwear? Been there, done that, will do it again.
    Vyolet: I'll wait here. Come back when you've got Raoul's underwear.
  2. Submerge. (6XP)

After agreeing to underwear[]

Vyolet hasn't moved. Nothing weird about that.
How dare you keep a lady waiting in the sewer? Did you get what I wanted?
  1. Deny. (?)
  2. Defy. (6XP)
  3. Deliver. (Requires Raoul's Underwear: 3Icon Chip Inf Giga.png)

Well Endowed[]

All Paths, Second to last node

Before agreeing to underwear[]

Raoul keeps coming back. Be thankful he's not selling insurance.

Mutant Raoul approaches looking for a hand out. Three hands out to be precise.
We've made almost enough money to rebuild Lake Mutagenic. Can you find it in your heart or hearts to help?
  1. Nod head yes. (6XP)
  2. Shake head no. (?)
[Insert Dialogue]
  1. Okey doke. (-450Nixonbucks)
  2. Let's negoshedoke. (Requires Influencer18, 6XP)
    1. Take it (-200Nixonbucks, 1Icon Chip Inf Giga.png)
    2. Leave it (?)
  3. Nopey doke. (6XP)

After agreeing to underwear[]

Mistaking you for a kind soul, Mutant Raoul strikes up a conversation.

The Lake Mutagenic Relief Fund has benefited countless mutants suffering the sewers. Care to donate for a hefty reward?
  1. Yessir. (6XP)
    Sure, but I expect nothing less than hefty. Raoul: Yes! You can have my prized possession, one whole Giga Influencer Chip for the low cost donation of 450 Nixonbucks.
  2. No sir. (6XP, end)
    "There's no reward hefty enough to be worth it." You leave Mutant Raoul, bitter and alone.
[Insert Dialogue]
  1. Okay! (-450Nixonbucks: Icon Chip Inf Giga.png)
    Now it's my prized possession! Raoul: Please don't rub it in. That's not how it works.
  2. Haggle for underwear. Okay? (Requires Influencer: 6XP)
    1. In. (-450Nixonbucks: Raoul's Underwear, 1Icon Chip Inf Giga.png)
    2. Out. (6XP)
  3. Not okay. (6XP)

Memento Maybe[]

All Paths, Last node

Find something to jolt Leela's memory. A memento, or jumper cables.

At Leela's parents' house, Fry looks for stuff to jog her memory.
Fry: Leela thinks she's a robot. Will mementos make her remember her memories?
  1. A baby picture. (6XP)
  2. An childhood toy. (6XP)
  3. A diary. (6XP)
Fry: This is worth keeping so that it doesn't fall into the wrong hands.
Fry: I better find a Mac item in case she's not DOS.
  1. A pair of one eyeglass. (6XP)
  2. A hair scrunchie. (6XP)
  3. A love letter. (100XP)
Fry: It's from me! This is sure to scramble her circuit board!
Fry: Cross your fingers. And your robodigits.


FryWe need to find mementos of Leela's past, to remind her who she is.

BenderLooks like we'll need to battle these unfriendly mutants first.

FryWhy do we always have to do the deadly part first?

BenderTo me, looking through mementos is the deadly part.

El Chupanibre combat before end of mission begins.

Fry Do you mind if I look inside your house? Leela thinks she's a robot and I want to give her something from her past to snap her out of it.

MorrisOkay, but you do know Leela didn't grow up here so there's not likely to be any stuff from her past, right?

FryShhh! I know that, but the producers already designed the set, so I kind of have to take a look around.

#Memento Maybe Space Interaction begins.

Enemy Sprites[]

SewerWorm idle.png
MutantSquid idle.png
Mutant Squid
Sewer rat idle.png
Sewer Rat
MouthMutant idle.png
Mouth Mutant
MrAstor idle.png
Mr. Astor