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Missions are available in each of the planets floating above NNY in the game Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow. Players can send teams of characters on missions to complete goals, unlock districts and gain rewards. Planets and objects containing new space missions will appear in space as players progress along the main storyline and as limited time events are released. Planet map.png

Main Storyline[]

Planet Mission Required Character(s) Path Locks Fuel Costs Map
Omicron Persei 8
Planet Omicron Persei 8.png
Cable Guy N/A Bender 10/15
OP8 1 Cable Guy.jpg
Planet Mars.png
Search Party Amy Wong Bender3 19/18
Mars 1 Search Party.jpg
Cowboys in Space Amy Wong Robot Fry4 17/18/19
Mars 2 Cowboys in Space.png
The Buggalo Bond Robot Fry Scruffy6 19/19/19
Mars 3 The Buggalo Bond.png
A Hard Bargain Robot Fry Amy6 22/18/21
The Moon
Planet Moon.png
The Moon's A Balloon Fry Fry9 18/17/18
Moon 1 The Moon's a Balloon.jpg
Lunar Lunacy Bender Amy10 18/18/19
Moon 2 Lunar Lunacy.jpg
Let's Be Careful Up There URL 23/26/27/28
Moon 3 Let's Be Careful Up There.jpg
Message in an Armband Bender
Moon 4 Message in an Armband.jpg
Chapek 9
Planet Chapek 9.png
Viva La Evolución Lv 10 Fry 25/22/21/22
C9 1 Viva La Revolucion.jpg
Insider Misinformation Hermes13 22-25
C9 2 Insider Misinformation.jpg
Eye Opener Lv 13 Fry

Lv 13 Bender

C9 3 Eye Opener.jpg
Lug Nut Looters Burglar Bender Smitty15 22-24
C9 4 Lug Nut Looters.jpg
Disrespect Your Elders Lv 14 Fry 25/25/24/26/26
C9 5 Disrespect Your Elders.jpg
Planet Earth.png
Emission Impossible Fry 24/22/18/22/25
Earth 1 Emission Impossible.jpg
Northern Explosure Leg Mutant

The Professor

Earth 2 Northern Explosure.jpg
Go East, Old Man Leg Mutant

The Professor

Earth 3 Go East, Old Man.jpg
Monster Bash Fry 21/21/19/24/21
Earth 4 Monster Bash.png
Planet Amazonia.png
No Planet for Old Men Leela Amazonian Amy21, Captain21, H. G. Blob22 39/39/41/42/43
Map No Planet for Old Men.jpg
Unleash Your Wild Side Amazonian Amy LaBarbara22, Leela22, Captain23 39/39/39/43/42
Map Unleash Your Wild Side.jpeg
Jungle Fever Amazonian Amy Fry23, Leg Mutant23, Captain24 39/41/41/44
Map Jungle Fever.jpeg
The Femputer of Oz Amazonian Amy

H. G. Blob


LaBarbara24, H. G. Blob24, Captain25 39-41
Map The Femputer of Oz.jpeg
Decapod 10
Planet Decapod 10.png
Beach Day H. G. Blob33, LaBarbara37, Amazonian Amy39 38-43
Decapod 10 Beach Day.png
Dried Out Zoidberg H. G. Blob35, LaBarbara39, Amazonian Amy41 35-45
Decapod 10 Dried Out.png
Overexposed Zoidberg37, 41, 43 35-50
Decapod 10 Overexposed.png
Artifact In the Rough Fry Nude Professor39, 43, Zoidberg45 35-50
Decapod 10 Artifact In the Rough.png
Tasting Menu Elzar41, 45, Zoidberg47 38-44
Decapod 10 Tasting Menu.png
All Gloom, No Doom The Professor Elzar43, Nude Professor47, Zoidberg49 34-43
Decapod 10 All Gloom, No Doom.png
Feeling Crabby Leela52, Captain55, Scientist58
Decapod 10 Feeling Crabby.png
Being Shellfish Zoidberg53, Influencer56, Delivery Boy58
Decapod 10 Being Shellfish.png
Bobbin' for Lobsters Igner Robot54, Villain57, Hermes60 42–43
Decapod 10 Bobbin' for Lobsters.png
Amphibios 9 Drain The Swamp Scientist55, Influencer58, Amy61
Hot and Humid The Professor56, Captain59, Delivery Boy62
Buzzin' Around Scientist57, Fry60. Robot63
Muddy Waters Larry Robot58, Kif61, Villain64
Mudbound and Down Influencer59, Bender62, Delivery Boy65
Swimming in the Cesspool Zoidberg60, Robot63, Leela66
Muggy and Buggy Walt Fry61, The Professor64, Bender67
By the Sweat of Your Brow Igner, Larry, Walt Kif62, Hermes65, Amy68
The Cool Down Igner, Larry, Walt Robot63, Captain66, Scientist69
Airing It Out Igner, Larry, Walt Delivery Boy65, Influencer67, Scientist70
Aspire to Perspire Igner, Larry, Walt Captain65, Robot68, Scientist71
Tropical Nightmare Igner, Larry, Walt Delivery Boy66, Influencer69, Captain72

Daily Missions[]

Planet Day Mission Rewards Path Locks Fuel Costs Map
The Daily Planet
The Daily Planet.png
All Earning Your Stars Badge Career 2 Star.png Scientist20 8/9
Mission Earning Your Stars.png
All Promotion Track Badge Career 3 Star.png Captain45 20/24
Mission Promotion Track.png
All Chain of Command Badge Career 4 Star.png Delivery Boy80 30/36
Mission Chain of Command.png
Monday Fact-Based Results Badge Scientist 2 Star.png Scientist45 20/24
Daily Fact-Based Results.png
Smart Cookie Badge Scientist 3 Star.png Scientist80 30/36
Daily Smart Cookie.png
Tuesday Captain's Orders Badge Captain 2 Star.png Captain45 20/24
Daily Captain's Orders.png
Leadership Quality Badge Captain 3 Star.png Captain80 30/36
Daily Leadership Quality.png
Wednesday Marketing Master Badge Influencer 2 Star.png Influencer45 20/24
Daily Marketing Master.png
Word of Mouth Badge Influencer 3 Star.png Influencer80 30/36
Daily Word of Mouth.png
Thursday Upgrade It Badge Robot 2 Star.png Robot45 20/24
Daily Upgrade It.png
Reinforced Steel Badge Robot 3 Star.png Robot80 30/36
Daily Reinforced Steel.png
Friday Deliver With Care Badge Delivery Boy 2 Star.png Delivery Boy45 20/24
Daily Deliver With Care.png
Speed Run Badge Delivery Boy 3 Star.png Delivery Boy80 30/36
Daily Speed Run.png
Saturday Looking Evil In the Eye Badge Villain 2 Star.png Villain45 20/24
Daily Looking Evil In the Eye.png
Chillin' Like a Villain Badge Villain 3 Star.png Villain80 30/36
Daily Chillin' Like a Villain.png
Stellar Review Icon Chip Job Tera.png Scientist20 8/9
Daily Stellar Review.png
Skills Assessment Icon Chip Job Peta.png Scientist45 20/24
Daily Skills Assessment.png
Standout Candidate Icon Chip Job Peta.png Scientist80 30/36
Daily Standout Candidate.png
Sunday Holler for a Dollar Currency Nixonbucks.png Delivery Boy20 8/9
Daily Holler for a Dollar.png
Spoiled Rotten Currency Nixonbucks.png Delivery Boy45 20/24
Daily Spoiled Rotten.png
Richie Rich Currency Nixonbucks.png Delivery Boy80 30/36
Daily Richie Rich.png

iOS Exclusive[]

Planet Mission Required Character(s) Path Locks Fuel Costs Map
Osiris 4
Osiris 4.jpg
Worship Tour 3017 Pharaoh Bender 16/13/16
Osiris 4 1 Worship Tour 3017.png

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