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4. Message in an Armband
The Moon
Required Character:
Bender, URL
Recommended Level:
Number of Paths:
Previous Mission:
Let's Be Careful Up There
Fry searches for Leela.

Message in an Armband is the fourth mission on The Moon. Fly me to the moon Pt. 6 is required to unlock this mission.


Repeat Rewards First Time Rewards
4Icon Chip Job Giga.png Giga Career Chips 4Icon Chip Job Giga.png Giga Career Chips
35Hypnoton 70Hypnoton
20XP 40XP
Artifact4.png Chapek 9 Artifact
100% Completion
5 Pizza
Combat Rewards Interaction Rewards
35 Nixonbucks 15 XP 25 Nixonbucks 15 XP


Path Fuel Path Locks Helpful Characters Combats Interactions
A 23 None  Influencer, Delivery Boy, Captain, Scientist 6 3
B 19 None  Influencer, Delivery Boy 4 2
C 27 None  InfluencerDelivery Boy, Robot 8 3


Moon 4 Message in an Armband.jpg

Space Interactions[]

Trade Mission[]

All paths, node 1

Let's make a deal.

You encounter a ship of Decapodians looking to trade, why not?
  1. So trade with them already. (6XP)
    Whoever said Luna Park was "the happiest place on the moon" was meshuggina. And now we're stuck with these useless chips worth bupkes.
    1. You'll take them. (-100Nixonbucks, 1 Icon Chip Job Giga.png)
    2. Haggle. (Increased chance with Influencer: 6XP)
      1. Take the deal. (-80Nixonbucks, 1 Icon Chip Job Giga.png)
      2. Haggle some more. (Increased chance with Influencer, 6XP)
        1. Such a deal! (-30Nixonbucks, 1 Icon Chip Job Giga.png)
        2. Eh. (6XP)
      3. Meh. (6XP)
    3. Feh. (6XP)
  2. Ignore them. Naturally. (6XP)

Asteroid Field[]

Path A, node 1

While flying, the player encounters a large asteroid field

You see a large assteroid field. How do you want to proceed, big shot?
  1. Take a scenic route around the field. (6XP)
  2. Try to blow right through the field. 75%: Bender-Asteroids damage the hull. You're paying for that. 25: Nixonbucks 15:XP)
  3. Mine asteroids for yummy resources. (Requires Scientist: 2GigaCareerChips 6XP)
No one died! Kudos for playing it safe. Yippee.

Distress Signal[]

Path C, node 1

Better cover your mouth.

You get a distress signal. A ship has picked up a disease and needs medical assistance.
  1. Get over there already! (-20HP, 1 Icon Chip Job Giga.png)
  2. Send a medi-bot (or any damn robot). (Requires Robot: +1Icon Chip Job Giga.png)
    You tow the infected crew to a nearby space hospital. Be sure to disinfect that robot.
  3. Ignore the germy jerks. (?)

Follow the Light[]

All paths, last node

The future's so bright, you better wear a welder's mask.

You enter a huge cave. It's dark, but you consider going deeper. What could go wrong?
  1. Stumble in and curse the darkness. (68% Chance: 2 Icon Chip Job Mega.png)
  2. Light a single candle. (Requires Delivery Boy9: 2 Icon Chip Job Mega.png)
  1. Exit the cave. (?)
  2. Check it out. (68% Chance: 2 Icon Chip Job Mega.png)
  3. Charge at the sound... boldly. (Requires Delivery Boy9: 2 Icon Chip Job Mega.png)
  1. Run to the cave exit. (68% Chance: 2 Icon Chip Job Mega.png)
  2. Walk out cautiously. (?)


BenderThis is a huge waste of time! We couldn't find Leela anywhere!

URLDon't feel bad. Us cops NEVER find any missing people, and it's our job.

BenderThat must be pretty frustrating.

URLDamn right it's frustrating! Why you think I'm always beating innocent people up?

BenderI did it! I found the ancient artifact!

URLAnd you beat that innocent Space Worm to death. Nice job.

BenderIt wanted to kill us, so it wasn't exactly innocent.

URLIt wasn't?....Well, rookie mistake, man. You'll learn.

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