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Major Upgrade
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Story type
Character Goal
Lrrr Strikes Back
Next Goal
Mechas Do It Better

Part 1


Hermes gets upgraded.



  • 50 Weed 75 XP


Hermes It's time to face facts. We're never going to defeat the Omicronians the way we're doing. Our only hope is the return of Mecha-Hermes.

The Professor You're going to replace your organs with robot parts again? Hermes, no!

The Professor Last time you tried that, you became an inhuman monster!

The Professor You know the rules: I allow inhuman monsters around here only if they're completely under MY control!

Mecha-Hermes Mecha-Hermes has arrived. My mission: save Planet Express or die trying.

The Professor Interesting choice. What if you die trying?

Mecha-Hermes My life insurance Payout will keep the company solvent for the next twenty years.

The Professor Now I don't know which outcome to root for.

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