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Mad Science
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Main Goal
Getting Experimental
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Hard Facts

Mad Science is one of the goals in Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow.

Part 1


The crew takes on more science deniers.



  • 300 Nixonbucks 150 XP


Bender I thought you said the science deniers were gone!

Fry I guess they were just taking a break from science-denying to protest the nonexistent plot against Xmas.

Fry Wait. I thought you said you were a science denier yourself.

Bender I deny most science, but I like forestry. So the others kicked me out.

Bender Whoa, those science deniers are tough! I thought they'd just have pitchforks.

The Professor No they're heavily armed with high-tech weaponry.

Bender Has anyone pointed out to them their guns only exist because of science?

The Professor I tried. They deny they even have guns.

Part 2


Scruffy fights for science.



  • 300 Nixonbucks 150 XP


Scruffy Scuse me, Mr. Nye, but I understand you're battlin' science deniers. Can I be of any assistance?

Bill Nye I hope so. I'm so famous, I'm an easy target for those protestors.

Scruffy Here's the plan: I'll disguise myself as Scruffy the Science Guy, and you disguise yourself as Bill Nye the Janitor.

Bill Nye Where am I going to get a janitor's hat?

Scruffy Don't worry 'bout it. Just keep sayin' "Mm-hmm" and you'll be fine.

Bill Nye Nice job, Scruffy. Is there anything I can do to thank you?

Scruffy Well, you bein' a science guy, maybe you'd be interested in my new invention, the pornograph.

Bill Nye I don't work in the adult sciences myself, but I could introduce you to some prominent erotic researchers.

Scruffy Scruffy's overwhelmed with gratitude. 'Course, I'll want to screen their resumes first.

Part 3


Science perseveres.



  • 300 Nixonbucks 150 XP


Fry This is exhausting. When will these science deniers quit?

Bill Nye It could be awhile. They've got almost limitless resources.

Fry What kind of resources?

Bill Nye Mostly ignorance and free time.

Bill Nye Good work, Fry. Together we used science to save science.

Fry I wasn't using science. All I did was throw slices of pizza.

Bill Nye Applied kinematics, my friend.

Fry Also some of the slices had extra cheese.

Bill Nye I was saving those for myself!