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Lovey Dovey
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Main Goal
Love is in the Air

Lovey Dovey is one of the goals in Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow. It is the first main goal of the Love is in the Air event.

Part 1


Leela receives a gift.


  • Have Fry Get Jealous (1h 0m 0s)
  • Have Leela Be Suspicious (2h 0m 0s)
  • Start playing the Valentine's Update


  • 240 Nixonbucks 150 XP


Leela Thanks for the Lovey Bear, Fry. It's a lovely gift -- even if you did send it anonymously.

Fry Those cute little furry rat-things they breed for Valentine's Day gifts? I didn't send you one of those or anything else. You must have a secret admirer!

Leela Well, if it wasn't you, you cheap jerk, then who sent it?

Fry I don't know, but when I find out, he's gonna suffer! Assuming you agree to beat him up for me.

The Professor Good news, everyone! Romanticorp, our biggest Valentine's Day customer, has put in an extra large order.

Bender What are we delivering for them this year?

The Professor That's the good news! In addition to the usual chocolates and conversation hearts, this year's trendy Valentine's gift is boudoir photos!

The Professor Every Planet Express employee can expect a very intimate gift from me soon.

The Professor And if you can't wait, it's available on many Asian porn sites.

Part 2


The Lovey Bears arrive in New New York.



  • 480 Nixonbucks 300 XP


Hermes I just spoke with Romanticorp. The Lovey Bears have broken out of their cages -- and they're prancing endearingly toward New New York!

The Professor That's awful news. Adorably awful news!

Hermes It sure is. Romanticorp won't ship anything until they've recaptured the Lovey Bears, which affects OUR bottom line!

The Professor We'll have to assist in cuddling the Lovey Bears into submission. Luckily, I've been very lonely lately.

Leela If you didn't get me that Lovey Bear for Valentine's Day, what DID you get me?

Fry I made you a very special card.

Leela Oh, a piece of cardboard for Valentine's Day. How romantic.

Fry The cardboard may not be romantic, but the boudoir photo I included sure is!

Fry I'm wearing that thong I'm still convinced you like.

Part 3


The Crew makes some shipments.



  • 480 Nixonbucks 300 XP


The Professor Amy, you need to help deliver conversation hearts while Bender cuddles runaway Lovey Bears back into their cages.

Amy Why can't Bender make deliveries while I cuddle Lovey Bears?

The Professor Whenever you cuddle something, you decide it's too cute to be in captivity and send it to your private wildlife preserve. But Bender never gave anyone an honestly-felt cuddle in his life.

The Professor [SNIFF]

Bender Get out of here, Amy. I'm in charge of cuddling Lovey Bears now. Stupid adorable fur-sacks...

Amy Really? They flee in terror whenever you try to cuddle them. I know how to handle them, because I have a whole collection.

Bender I know they flee in terror, and you're not the only one who collects them!... Uh-oh. Didn't mean to let that slip.

Bender Why won't they love me, Amy? Why? WHY?

Part 4


Leela gives Fry the silent treatment.



  • 240 Nixonbucks 150 XP


Leela Professor, can you help me find out who my secret admirer is?

The Professor What makes you so sure it's not me?

Leela Because A, you keep sending me on suicide missions; B, you encouraged Fry to go after me; and C, you're a dried-up sexless old man.

The Professor Your case is airtight.

Fry Are you still mad at me?

Leela I'm not mad. I'm just not speaking to you until you think about what you did.

Fry I don't even understand what I did! How am I supposed to think about something if I don't understand what it is?

Leela I have no idea, but I've watched you do it for years now.

Part 5


Leela questions Scruffy.



  • 720 Nixonbucks 450 XP


Leela Hey, Scruffy, are you the secret admirer who sent me a Lovey Bear?

Scruffy Sorry, Leela, you just ain't Scruffy's type.

Leela And why not?

Scruffy My porn habit's given me unrealistic and unhealthy ideas of beauty that it's impossible for any real woman to live up to.

Leela Are you calling me ugly?

Leela If you didn't give me the Lovey Bear, then who did?

Scruffy Sounds like a job for a private eye.

Scruffy The kind of man who knocks on too many doors, asks all the wrong questions, and gets seduced by evil sexy women and ends up having sex with them for hours.

Leela Yeah, you're definitely consuming too much porn.

Part 6


Leela questions Kif.



  • 480 Nixonbucks 300 XP


Leela Kif, you didn't happen to give me one of Amy's Lovey Bears by mistake, did you?

Kif You think I'M your secret admirer?

Kif I'm so flattered that you'd think I'm brave enough to cheat on Amy!

Leela I don't really, but I'm running out of people to ask and I'm getting desperate.

Leela This is so annoying. I feel like I asked the whole city who my secret admirer is.

Amy Is it possible you sent that Lovey Bear to yourself?

Leela You mean like while suffering an attack of amnesia?

Amy No, I mean like while suffering an attack of self-pity.

Part 7


Leela questions Hermes.



  • 240 Nixonbucks 150 XP


Leela Are you my secret admirer, Hermes?

Hermes Have you gone mad, woman? I'm married!

Leela I understand. And I salute you for honoring your sacred vow to LaBarbara.

Hermes I'm honoring the sacred vow I made to the Human Resources handbook. Dating a fellow employee is a fifth-degree no-no.

Fry I'm sorry, Leela. Instead of a card and a nude photo, I should've bought you a nice Valentine's Day gift.

Leela It's not the gift I care about. It's the thought behind the gift.

Fry But thought is always the hardest part for me. I told you that when we started dating.

Leela Actually, I figured it out the moment you fell out of that cryogenic chamber.

Part 8


Fry remembers an important detail.


  • Have Michelle Run Off (4h 0m 0s)
  • Have Fry Do Something Sweet (2h 0m 0s)
  • Have Leela Gaze Longingly (4h 0m 0s)


  • 960 Nixonbucks 600 XP


Fry Leela, I just remembered -- the secret admirer who sent you the Lovey Bear is me, Fry! Your boyfriend!

Leela What are you talking about?

Fry I ordered you a Lovey Bear from Romanticorp back in September of 3013. It must've got lost in the mail and not delivered until now!

Leela Lost in the mail? Wow, Romanticorp must use a lousy delivery service.

Fry Yes we are, Leela. Yes we are.

Leela Thanks for the Lovey Bear, Fry. Valentine's Day was perfect this year.

Fry Anything to make you happy, Leela.

Leela Aww... Oh, Fry, how did I get so lucky?

Fry You lowered your expectations.

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