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Let's Be Careful Up There
3. Let's Be Careful Up There
Mission Lets Be Careful Up There.png
The Moon
Required Character:
Recommended Level:
Number of Paths:

Let's Be Careful Up There is one of the missions on The Moon.

URL leads the Moon Patrol.


Path Fuel Required Character(s) Combats Interactions
Northwest 23 URL 9 1
Northeast 26 URL 4 2


27 URL 7 2


28 URL 9 2
TOTAL 55 URL 26 4

End of Mission Enemies[]


Mission Completion

  • 1Icon Chip Job Giga.png Giga Career Chip
  • 1Icon Chip Rob Giga.png Giga Robot Chip
  • 1Icon Chip Sci Giga.png Giga Science Chip
  • 60Hypnoton (30 after first completion)
  • 50XP (20 after first completion)

Combat Events

  • 35Nixonbucks
  • 15XP

Empty location visited

  • 4XP


Moon 3 Let's Be Careful Up There.jpg


URL: When I'm done with you, you'll be beating suspects like a veteran.

Moon Patrol: We already do that with our park guests.

URL: Sweaty tourists in board shorts and bucket hats ain't much of a challenge. You've got a lot to learn. Aw yeah.

URL: I've taught you everything I know. Now go out and patrol the universe.

Moon Patrol: The universe? That's a pretty big place.

URL: Well then split up.

URL: Now be careful out there. Aww yeah.

Space Interactions[]

Training Day[]

URL whips his patrol into shape.
Location: Occurs at the third node.
Requires URL.

URL: I'm here to whip you moon cops in shape. Aw yeah.

Moon Patrol: We don't take orders from Earth cops who never worked the dark side of the Moon.

Choice 1: Be a good cop. +6XP
Choice 1: Be a bad cop. +20XP

URL: C'mon baby. It's all the same book. Only thing that matters is how you turn the pages.

Moon Patrol: We turn 'em with our billy clubs. But we're on board. For now...

Standard Rewards:

  • 25 Nixonbucks
  • 15 XP

URLThat no-good paramecium won't be bothering anyone now.

Moon Patrol:You did an impressive job interrogating that single-celled subject.

URLIf there's anything I've learned in my time on this force, it's that all organisms have the capacity for evil, no matter how simple...

Decapodian Sting[]

Moon Patrol:We've received reports of a Decapodian scam artist selling fake tickets to the Butterfly Derby!

URLWhat are we waiting for? Let's bust this low-life!

URLNobody gets a free pass to the Butterfly Derby. Except us. Aw yeah.

URL takes down a scammer.

URL and the Moon Patrol approach a Decapodian scam artist.

You boys looking for a good time? Because if you're not, I can sell ya tickets to the Butterfly Derby.

Choice 1: Show disinterested interest. (0XP)

Choice 1: Try to seduce her. Grrrrrr. (Requires Fry)

I could be persuaded to purchase those scalped tickets.

Wait, what's with the helmet siren? Are you a cop?

Choice 2: Give up the ruse.

Choice 2: Maintain the ruse. (6XP)

Nah, baby, it's just a blaring fashion statement. Would a cop do this...?

Choice 3: Jaywalk (in style) across the street.

Choice 3: Punch a (poorly dressed) civilian. +2Icon Chip Job Giga.png

You sure proved me wrong. Still want those tickets?

Fooled you, baby. I AM a cop. A highly fashionable cop at that. Aww yeah.

Completion Rewards:

  • 25 Nixonbucks
  • 15 XP

URLAnother job well done.

Moon Patrol:And we didn't have to beat anyone.

URLWell tomorrow's another day.

Suspicious Suspect[]

URLGet your act together. We got a rescue mission in a moon cave.

Moon Patrol:My Earth helmet doesn't fit.

URLTake off your damn Moon helmet, fool.

Time to play bad cop.

URL spots a human-sized paramecium wandering the moon. He investigates.

- Excuse me, miss. What's a single-celled organism doing on the surface of Earth's moon?

- Certainly not plotting humanity's destruction. Unless that's what you're into.

  • Choice 1:
    1. Ask specific follow up question. (6XP)
    2. Continous general interrogation. (6XP)
    3. Let it go.

- What was that about humanity's destruction?

- I got nothin' further to say withou my moon lawyer.

  • Choice 2:
    1. Book em'!. (50Nixonbucks)
    2. Move along.

Tell it to the moon judge. Awww yeah.

A moon jury convicts the creature of plotting to destroy humanity. You get a commendation.

Completion Rewards:

  • 25 Nixonbucks
  • 15 XP

Moon Patrol:We found our missing person!

URLGood work, rookie! You're gonna make lieutenant one day.

Moon Patrol:I will?

URLAs soon as you find something to blackmail me with. Aw yeah.

Attack of the Space Pirates[]

Moon Patrol:Space pirates are robbing ships all over the galaxy.

URLSounds like a job for the Moon Patrol!

Moon Patrol:You're not gonna help?

URLNah, man. Those dudes are Tonka tuff.

They may see like guys in funny costumes...

After arriving at the Pirate Base, URL and Moon Patrol encounter space pirates.

URL: We got space pirates all up in here. This is not okay. Awww no. Let's make a plan.

  1. Sneak up on them. +6XP
  2. Direct assault. -20HP
    1. Offer opportunity to surrender. -20HP
      1. Dive away like an action hero.
      2. Go all 24th century on them. +1Icon Chip Job Giga.png
    2. Blast your siren.

Completion Rewards:

  • 25 Nixonbucks
  • 15 XP

URLThat'll show those space pirates.

Moon Patrol:But they're still at-large.

URLThat's tomorrow's problem. What we're drinking at O'Zorgnax is tonight's problem. Aww yeah.