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The combat within PVP is very much like the standard space mission combat; however, the player picks his crew to fight from an opposing player's crew (via AI). In addition to Class, crew members have Affinities and Passives granting them different strengths, weaknesses, and special abilities. To enter PVP tap on the PVP icon PVP.png on the main screen.

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  • Players can select up to 5 crew members to enter battle.
    • Crew members can be changed any time between battles, even if performing other tasks or in space missions.
    • Crew members performing other tasks can still enter battles.
  • Players are given 3 options of teams to battle.
  • Players can refresh options 3 times, then must wait for 3 hours to refresh again.
  • Each battle costs 1 battle energy. Players have up to 5 battle energy.
    • Recharge rate is 2 hours per battle energy.
  • Players are given 300 seconds (5 minutes) to complete a battle. If the battle timer runs out, the player wins the fight.
  • Currently, the enemy team is a real player team, but AI is used during battle.
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Battle Points[]

Battle Points are rewarded based on the tier of the opponent you fight.

  • Win: 12-22 Battle Points, 3 Epsilon Coin.pngSigma Coins, 50 Nixonbucks and 40XP
  • Lose: -3 Battle Points, 25 Nixonbucks and 25 XP


Accumulate Battle Points to climb up higher ranking tiers. Tier I is the highest ranked while Tier V is the lowest. Island of Lost Bots PVP Tiers.png


Your tier at the end of the Universe Battle phase will determine how big and awesome your rewards will be. Island of Lost Bots PVP Rewards.png


During each PVP round players are given a set number of days to accumulate battle points before rewards are payed out and the clock is reset. At that time Battle points and Tier levels are reset to 0 and a new round begins. During this event, the first round was almost 6 days, and the second round 7 days. The rewards and tier levels remain the same for both rounds. PVP ends when the event ends but may return during future events. For the latest updates, see PVP.