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Island Destination
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Story type
Side Goal
Island of Lost Bots
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Island Destination is one of the goals in Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow. It is one of the main goals of the Island of Lost Bots event, Act 1.

Part 1


Kif and Amy visit the island getaway.



  • 48 Nixonbucks 30 XP


Kif I'm sorry, Amy, but traveling to a tropical island planet is not my idea of a good time.

Amy Come on, Kif, you really can't find ANYTHING to enjoy about a tropical paradise?

Kif The locals creep me out! They're all walking around practically naked!

Amy Big talk coming from a guy in a barely-legal DOOP uniform.

Kif Well, I admit that wasn't as bad as I thought. The natives were demure and respectful. And they sure can mix a Hidori sour.

Amy Yeah, I noticed you had like five of them while I was collecting tropical decorations.

Kif I'm sorry, but it's rare that I find a beverage that matches my complexion.

Amy If that's what you're after, how about I just vomit all over you and then you help me with these crates of Panama hats?

Part 2


Zoidberg and Hermes visit the island getaway



  • 64 Nixonbucks 40 XP


Zoidberg Hurray, I'm going on a space mission with my top friend Hermes!

Hermes I'm not your friend, you primitive scuttlefish!

Zoidberg Another clever friend insult! How do you stay so jolly all the time? It must be because you're fat.

Hermes You hurt my feelings! I'm going to tell the Professor on you.

Hermes You've been stinking up the ship ever since we left the tropical island planet.

Zoidberg Sorry, I got a little dirty hunting for tropical decorations.

Hermes You got a little dirty because you started your hunt in the trash bins!

Zoidberg I thought we should get the tourist traps out of the way first.

Part 3


URL and Smitty visit the island getaway.



  • 80 Nixonbucks 50 XP


URL I get that the force has to help control the rampaging snail population. But why send us on a space mission? Can't we just control them the way we control the human population, with rayguns?

Smitty Chief says we blew our gamma-ray budget for the year on that New Years' parade float stakeout.

URL It was an honest mistake. That Rose Queen sure looked like a hooker.

Smitty Well, at least most of the parade-goers stayed for the funeral. And the flower bouquets were top-quality.

URL Good work, Smitty. Controlling the snail population isn't glamorous work, but it's what we signed up for.

Smitty Couldn't we have just poured salt on all the snails?

URL Smitty, man, that's just sick. You're sick.

URL I'm sorry, man, but I think I gotta apply for a new partner.

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