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Insider Misinformation

2. Insider Misinformation
Mission Insider Misinformation.png
Chapek 9
Recommended Level:
Number of Paths:
Previous Mission:
Viva La Evolucion
Next Mission:
Eye Opener
The crew spreads propaganda.

Insider Misinformation is the second missions on Chapek 9.


Repeat Rewards First Time Rewards
3Icon Chip Del Giga.png Giga Delivery Chips 3Icon Chip Del Giga.png Giga Delivery Chips
3Icon Chip Job Giga.png Giga Career Chips 3Icon Chip Job Giga.png Giga Career Chips
3Icon Chip Rob Giga.png Giga Robot Chips 3Icon Chip Rob Giga.png Giga Robot Chips
40Hypnoton 80Hypnoton
50XP 100XP
100% Completion
5 Pizza
Combat Rewards Interaction Rewards
45 Nixonbucks 20 XP 30 Nixonbucks 20 XP


Path Fuel Path Locks Helpful Characters Combats Interactions
1 (AD) 25 Hermes13 Influencer 7 4
2 (AE) 24 Hermes13 Influencer 7 3
3 (AF) 23 None Influencer 5 2
4 (AG) 24 None Influencer, Captain 5 3
5 (BD) 24 Hermes13 6 3
6 (BE) 23 Hermes13 6 2
7 (BF) 22 None 4 1
8 (BG) 23 None Influencer, Captain 4 2
9 (CD) 25 Hermes13 Delivery Boy 5 4
10 (CE) 24 Hermes13 Delivery Boy 5 3
11 (CF) 23 None Delivery Boy 3 2
12 (CG) 24 None Delivery Boy, Influencer, Captain 3 3


C9 2 Insider Misinformation.jpg

Space Interactions[]

Invertebrate Negotiations[]

Path A, node 1

Who will crack first?

En route to Chapek 9, you see a Decapodian trading ship. What's not to like?
  1. Trade with them. (6XP)
    Decapodian: My spawn kept changing jobs so now I'm stuck with his rejected career chips.
    1. Buy them up, why not? (-300Nixonbucks: +1Icon Chip Job Giga.png)
    2. Haggle like a pawn star. (Increased chance with Influencer: 6XP; fail: Restart choices)
      Success: Decapodian: Well, these chips are burning a hole in my pocket. Literally. It's a deal.
      Failure: Decapodian: You must be missing a 0. Or two.
      1. Take the Deal (-200Nixonbucks: 1Icon Chip Job Giga.png)
      2. Haggle even more. (Increased chance with Influencer: 6XP; fail: Restart choices)
        Success: Decapodian: You're meshuggina! Lucky for you, I am too. You've got a deal.
        1. Take the deal, it's a bargain! (-100Nixonbucks: 1Icon Chip Job Giga.png)
          Decapodian: You like the deal? So why not rate me 5 trillion stars?
        2. Turn down the offer. Feh. (6XP)
      3. Turn down the offer already. It's ferkockt. (6XP)
    3. Turn down the offer already. (6XP)
  2. Fly right by. (6XP)

Brain Drain[]

Path C, node 1

Don't take hats from interstellar strangers.

You meet an astronaut and hear a terrific offer that you can't unhear!
Astronaut: Hi! Would you and your brain like to join my crew?
  1. Sounds like fun on a bun! (5XP)
  2. Maybe. Tell my brain more... (5XP)
  3. No, we have to play this mobile game. (5XP, END)
Astronaut: All you have to do is put on a "Members Only" hat.
  1. Take the Brain Slug Astronaut's offer. (-1375HP)
  2. Try to rescue the Astronaut. (Requires Delivery Boy: 1Icon Chip Del Mega.png)
    Astronaut: Nice try. Well, not that nice.
  3. Attack the Brain Slug. (56XP)
    Astronaut: Watch it! That's my host's face!

Dishonor Guard[]

All paths, middle section

He brings great shame to his family.

As you make your way into the city, you meet a robo guard who appears to be conflicted.
  1. Ask his major malfunction. (6XP)
    You're showing an abnormal amount of emotion for a robot. Which is to say, you're showing emotion.
    Robot: Everyone says humans are the scum of the universe, but that ignores space salmonella. Is it wrong to not hate humans?
    1. Affirmative reaction. (28XP)
      Some of my best friends are humans...
      Robot: Hmm. Maybe I will rethink my position on these "human beings."
    2. Negative reaction. (2Icon Chip Rob Giga.png)
      Humans make my skin crawl.
      Robot: I hate when that happens! Especially when you have to chase after it.
  2. Avoid him like the cyberplague. (6XP)
    Deal with this guard and his emotions is way too much work. You should find another way into the city.

Do the Robot[]

Paths D & E, node 1

How robo can Hermes go?

I can prove a robot mon is inferior to a human mon, mon,
You can't spell "humiliation" without "human". Or "ilitio."
  1. Ready, set, LIMBO! (1Icon Chip Job Mega.png)
  2. I challenge you to a file-off! (76% chance: 2Icon Chip Job Mega.png)
  3. Let's do some calculatin'! (56% chance.: 3Icon Chip Job Mega.png)

Ship Not-In-Shape[]

Path D, node 2

It could stand to lose a few pounds or dollars or priceless artifacts.

While wandering Chapek 9, you notice human footprints. What do you make of that?
  1. Ignore them. (6XP)
  2. Follow them. (6XP)
    1. Confirm the astronaut's fears. (6XP)
    2. Calm the astronaut down. (6XP)
      1. Trust me. (6XP)
      2. I said "Not murder." (6XP)
      3. I don't need this nonsense. (1Icon Chip Cap Giga.png & 1Icon Chip Job Giga.png)

Only Human Skin Deep[]

Path G, node 1

Connect with a robot on a superficial level.

The crew engages with a Robot Actor.
Robot Actor: If you're not here to eat me, what do you want?
  1. Butter him up (but not to eat him). (6XP)
  2. Beg him for help. (6XP)
    Anti-human sentiment is at an all-time low. We need to make a new movie!
    Robot Actor: I'm retired from acting. Except for charging for autographs at conventions.
    1. Threaten him. (Increased chance with Captain: 250Nixonbucks; fail: 0Nixonbucks)
      Shame if you turned up in a magnetic field for not making the film.
      Robot Actor: Okay, okay. Just no magnets.
    2. Persuade him. Increased chance with Influencer: 2Icon Chip Inf Giga.png}; fail: 0Nixonbucks)
      But think of all your fans anxiously awaiting your next movie.
      Robot Actor: I do miss the roar of the crowd and the smell of the grease. I'm in!
    3. Bribe him. (-50Nixonbucks: 250Nixonbucks)
      You'll be well paid! And by that I mean, well, paid.
      Robot Actor: Talk to my robo-agent. She never says no.
      The movie becomes a smash hit. You're a regular Steven Spielbot.


AmyI can't believe I'm TRYING to make these robots hate humans again. I don't even know where to start.

FryMy plan is to torture them in devious ways that only a human could think of.

AmyDo you think that'll work?

FryNo idea, but I've made too many "Kick Me" signs to change course.

Dishonor Guard Interaction Begins

AmyI think our plan is working. The rebellious robots are getting distracted by their instinctive human hatred.

FryI've always been good at getting people to hate me.

AmyYou are so luck! Between my wealth and cuteness, everybody always adores me.

FryYeah, we all have our crosses to bear.

AmyWe've angered pretty much everyone on Chapek 9. Anti-human sentiment has reached a fever pitch.

FryYeah, I'm pretty sure they're forming a mob to capture us.

AmyHow can you tell?

FryThat grocery store is having a sale on pitchforks, nooses, and fire.

FryShould we be worried about anyone else coming after us?

AmyI wouldn't worry. Unless you refused to hold the elevator door for some robot.

FryI was about to...but we should be okay. At the last second I refused to hold it for all of them.

Robot Actor: Back off, human! You're never gonna eat me alive!

Fry We don't want to do that.

Robot Actor: Good.

Robot Actor:Actually. I wouldn't mind if you wanted to eat me alive just a little bit.

Fry Really, I have no interest in doing that.

Fry Come on, human! Eat me alive or I'll kill you!

Robot Actor: You guys again?!?!

Fry We need to ask you a question. Why do you always wear that human mask?

Robot Actor:Ever since I was a microcircuit. I never felt like a robot. I just wanted to be human. I became an actor so I could human-dress without everyone getting suspicious.

FryAw man. That's sad.

Robot Actor: Anyhow, what about you? Why do you wear that hideous orange-haired gorilla mask?

Only Human Skin Deep Interaction Begins

Enemy Sprites[]

GiantBee idle.png
Space Bee
RobotPirates 1 idle.png
Space Pirate
Paramecium idle.png

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