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Hellbound From Downtown
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Robot Hell On Earth
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Come Hell or High Water
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Looking Evil in the Eye
Maybe you can hail a cab.

Hellbound From Downtown is one of the event missions on Earth as part of Week 4 of the Robot Hell On Earth event.

This mission introduces Pink Robot Showgirls which require both Oilbomb.png and Firebomb.png, used in that order, to instantly defeat them. Some combats also include Robot Moths and Robot Snakes from previous weeks. It is still possible to defeat these enemies, including the new Pink Robot Showgirls, with regular attacks (which inflict -1HP damage per hit).


Path Fuel Required Characters Combats Showgirls
1 72 Robot Gypsy 15 + Pazuzu 20 28 25 7 11 2
2 100 Robot Gypsy 15 + Pazuzu 20 + Fender 22 39 ? ? ? 2
3 44 Robot Gypsy 15 17 14 2-5 1-3 1
4 70 Robot Gypsy 15 + Fender 22 28 24-26 12 7-10 1
5 42 None 11 8 0-1 1-2 1
6 49 Roberto 11 17 18 8-10 4-5 1

How to Play without Bombs: High level characters (20-25+) are needed. Add 1 high level Robot Robot and 2-4 Influencers Influencer to your party. Use the Robot defense boost Defense 8-Bit. Use the Influencers periodically to heal. Battle will take some time (10-15+ minutes), but it is possible to kill enemies without Bombs this way.

UPDATE: The new Villain class (Roberto) can also be used to help defeat enemies without bombs. After 2-3 times (number depends on relative level) using the Villain's special ability (Enemy defense reduction) any attack will defeat the remaining enemies. A Captain Captain can help too.


Repeat Rewards First Time Rewards
2 Icon Chip Job Giga.png Giga Career Chip 2 Icon Chip Job Giga.png Giga Career Chip
23 Robot Soul Robot Souls 80 Robot Soul Robot Soul
5 Hypnoton Hypnotons 5 Pizza Pizza
100% Completion
25 Pizza 105 Robot Soul
Combat Rewards
15Robot Soul 0-2ShowgirlMetal.png 0-1SnakeMetal.png 0-1MothMetal.png


Earth Hellbound From Downtown.jpg

Space Interactions[]

The Golden Fiddle[]

Path 1, node 2 and
Path 3, node 1

Resist the temptation to play.

You spot the Robot Devil's golden fiddle in a glass case, tucked away in a hidden cave.
  1. Bust the glass! (Chance 76%: 200Nixonbucks ; fail: -400HP)
    Success: You grab the fiddle and quickly pawn it, proving that actions DON'T have consequences.
    Failure: The glass is too strong for feeble fists & feeble feet are too slow for Incubots.
  2. Fuggetaboutit. (6 XP)
    You leave the fiddle be and discuss your least favorite instrument. The fiddle.

Robo Coaster[]

Path 5, node 1

Robot Hell is not liable for injuries.

The crew want to ride Robot Hell's infamous attraction, The Inferno.
  1. Let them ride The Inferno. (Chance 76%: 1Icon Chip Job Tera.png + 50XP; fail:-100HP)
    Success: As you ride the Inferno, your stomach turns upside down but your lunch remains inside.
    Failure: They get on but discover (too late) that the ride is broken. It shoots into the sky.
  2. Warn them of the dangers. (6XP)
    1. Withhold their paychecks (6XP)
    2. Ask for other ideas. (6XP)
  3. Do something entertaining. (Requires Influencer22: 100XP)
    You do some impressions. But you're not sure if they're laughing at you or with you.

Moth Madness[]

Path 6, node 1

Get the bug spray.

It's getting dark so you turn on the headlights. That attracts a swarm of robot moths.
  1. Turn the lights off. (Chance 76%: 1Icon Chip Job Tera.png + 50XP ; fail: -100HP)
  2. Accelerate. (6XP)
    Your windshield is covered in robot moth parts, but you arrive two minutes early!
  3. Blast 'em. (Requires Captain: 1Icon Chip Job Tera.png + 50XP)


Enemy Sprites[]

Robot Moth idle.png
Robot Moth
Robot Snake idle.png
Robot Snake
Pink Robot Showgirl idle.png
Pink Robot Showgirl
RobotGuard idle.png
Chapek Guard
Chapek Robot idle.png
Chapek Robot
RobotElders orange idle.png
Robot Elders
AntiHumanPatrol idle.png
Anti-Human Patrol