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Flexible Parent
Goal Bender's Mom.png
Story type
Character Goal
An Auditory Adventure
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Flexible Parent is one of the goals in Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow.

Part 1


Bender makes plans with his mom.



  • 9 D-Waste File 75 XP


Bender We're gonna have so much fun.

Bender's Mom That's nice, dear.

Bender Let me show you a drawing I made of us. It's a picture of us fleeing the cops after robbing a bank. Together!

Bender's Mom Uh-huh. I see you've left me holding the bag.

Bender's Mom I'm glad we're reunited, Bender. But Mommy needs to rest.

Bender Okay. I had us set up for a family photo. but I guess I can reschedule.

Bender's Mom Oh, please don't embarrass me, Bender. I'm really not photogenic.

Bender It's okay, Mom. I mean, yeah, you're ugly enough to stop a clock, but I'm good-looking enough for the both of us.

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