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Feldspar Queen
Feldspar Queen.png
Game Details
An Auditory Adventure
Collect Time:
50 Currency Nixonbucks.png 35 Icon Experience.png
Build Details
Build time:
1h Icon Build Time.png
Initial Cost:
120 Currency Pizza.png
Repeat Cost:
120 Currency Pizza.png
6 x 11
The only deep space vessel powered by steam. Probably.

Feldspar Queen is a building in the game Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow, available during An Auditory Adventure as a purchasable premium collectable. It has a chance to drop Podcasts for Bender's Mom and Detachable Goatee for Flexo.

Character Unlock Materials

Drops Name Rarity Recipient
Podcasts.png Podcasts Rare Rarity Rare.png Bender's Mom
Detachable Goatee.png Detachable Goatee Uncommon Rarity Uncommon.png Flexo

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