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Eternal Damnation
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Story type
Character Goal
Robot Hell On Earth

Eternal Damnation is one of the goals in Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow. It is the personal goal of Preacherbot, a premium character available during the event Robot Hell On Earth.

Part 1


Preacherbot offers salvation.


  • Have Preacherbot Be Moved by the Spirit (4h 0m 0s)
  • Have The Professor Shop for Bargain Life Insurance Policies (8h 0m 0s)


  • 5 Robot Soul 80 XP


Preacherbot The Apocalypse of Robot Hell is here! The End of Days cometh! Despair, ye sinners, despair!

The Professor Save your strength, Preacherbot. I've already abandoned all hope.

Preacherbot That was fast.

Preacherbot Which was more effective -- when I bugged my eyes out, or when I kept repeatin' "despair"?

The Professor Preacherbot, is there a chance of salvation for a wretch like me?

Preacherbot Of course there is. Confess your sins and you shall be saved.

The Professor Well, I once grafted an insect's head onto a human's body.

Preacherbot Holy moley! The Good Book don't even mention an abomination that awful, but I bet the penalty's pretty bad.

Part 2


Preacherbot asks for donations.


  • Have Preacherbot Ask for a Donation (3h 0m 0s)
  • Have Scruffy Be the Strong Silent Type (8h 0m 0s)


  • 5 Robot Soul 50 XP


Preacherbot Please give to the Temple of Robotology. Only your generous donations can stop the coming catastrophe.

Scruffy Sounds like a scam to me.

Preacherbot I thought so too at first, brother. But in all the years people have been giving me money, this is the first apocalypse we've ever had.

Preacherbot So the success rate's pretty high. C'mon, pony up.

Preacherbot Even though you declined to donate, my brother, I'm gonna pray for you.

Scruffy Scruffy don't need your good intentions.

Preacherbot Let me finish. I'm gonna pray for you to be condemned to the eighth circle of Robot Hell.

Preacherbot That's the circle with no pornography!

Scruffy Best pack my own supply then. Mm-hm.

Part 3


Preacherbot prepares to convert the Professor.


  • Have Preacherbot Attempt a Conversion (8h 0m 0s)
  • Have The Professor Admire Various Lengths of Wire (2h 0m 0s)
  • Have Amy Curse in Cantonese (8h 0m 0s)


  • 20 Robot Soul 100 XP


Preacherbot Are you ready to find salvation by converting to Robotology?

The Professor I'm afraid I couldn't receive your sacraments. I don't have any compatible ports.

Preacherbot Most skulls have an expansion slot we could use...

The Professor Not mine. It's over 170 years old.

The Professor The dang thing's still lit by gas inside!

Amy Stay away from the Professor! He doesn't need your phony religion!

Preacherbot Phony?! Robotology's completely scientific! We got a real heaven, a real hell, and a full, publicly available specification for how to get to either one!

Amy You have to pay to download that specification!

Preacherbot We're a religion, not a charity!

Preacherbot Whoops. Don't tell the IRS I said that, okay?

Part 4


Preacherbot condemns Hedonismbot.



  • 5 Robot Soul 50 XP


Preacherbot Repent your evil ways, Hedonismbot, before the jaws of Robot Hell open to devour you!

Hedonismbot Do those jaws by any chance have a tongue?

Preacherbot Yes -- a tongue of fire and brimstone!

Hedonismbot You men of the cloth have all the best tortures!

Preacherbot You disgust me, Hedonismbot. The Temple of Robotology has no place for a filthy robot like you.

Hedonismbot Oh, yes it does! Have you noticed any motor oil in the vestibule on Monday mornings?

Preacherbot I thought that was leaking from the generator in the attic.

Hedonismbot His name is George!

Part 5


Leela lectures Preacherbot.


  • Have Preacherbot Denounce the Harlots (7h 0m 0s)
  • Have Leela Extol the Virtues of a College Education (2h 0m 0s)


  • 20 Robot Soul 100 XP


Preacherbot Repent, you harlot!

Leela You know, you're not gonna win anyone over to your side by insulting them.

Preacherbot I wasn't planning to. I just like to say "harlot".

Preacherbot Harlot harlot harlot. Brings a smile to your face, don't it, ya harlot?

Leela The hordes of Robot Hell are running amok, and all you can do is yell at people to repent?

Preacherbot It's all I know how to do!

Leela What about comforting the afflicted?

Preacherbot I tried that, but all I got is this loud pulpit voice. It just makes 'em more afflicted.

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