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Diamonds are Forever
Diamonds are Forever.png
Game Details
Collect Time:
120 Nixonbucks 80 XP
Build Details
Build time:
16h Build time
9,200 Nixonbucks
5 x 3
Comes with Smitty
Give the timeless gift of carbon.

Diamonds are Forever is one of the buildings in the game Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow. It has a chance to drop Badges for Smitty.

Character Unlock Materials


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Character Actions

Image Character Name
Diamonds are Forever.png
Billionairebot Flash His Obscene Paycheck
Burglar Bender Smuggle Blood Diamonds.png
Burglar Bender Smuggle Blood Diamonds
Diamonds are Forever.png
Clamps Bedazzle His Clamps
Crushinator Compress a Diamond.png
Crushinator Compress a Diamond
Destructor Act Like a Bull in a China Shop.png
Destructor Act Like a Bull in a China Shop
Flexo Raid the Vault.png
Flexo Raid the Vault
Diamonds are Forever.png
H. G. Blob Enjoy the Finer Things
Hattie McDoogal Try On a Diamond Kajigger.png
Hattie McDoogal Try On a Diamond Kajigger
Hedonismbot Encrust Self in Diamonds.png
Hedonismbot Encrust Self in Diamonds
Diamonds are Forever.png
Inez Buy a Fancy Necklace
Diamonds are Forever.png
Joey Mousepad Steal Some Bling
Diamonds are Forever.png
King Roberto Steal His Jewels
Leg Mutant Shop for Toe Ring.png
Leg Mutant Shop for Toe Ring
Malfunctioning Eddie Buy Something Nice.png
Malfunctioning Eddie Buy Something Nice
Monique Place a Custom Order.png
Monique Place a Custom Order
NDTyson Scoff at the Merchandise.png
Neil deGrasse Tyson Scoff at the Merchandise
Diamonds are Forever.png
Robot Leela Stare Blankly
Smitty Respond to Silent Alarm.png
Smitty Respond to Silent Alarm
Vyolet Look Suspicious.png
Vyolet Look Suspicious

Character Event Actions

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