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Dead On Arrival
Robot Hell On Earth
Chapek 9
Recommended Level:
Number of Paths:
Next Mission:
Ahead of the Game
The crew ships some disabled Robot Incubots.


Path Fuel Required Characters Combats Incubots Interactions
1 62 L12 Devilish Fry + L16Captain + L22Villain 12 23 2
2 53 L12 Devilish Fry + L16Captain 12 21 2
3 49 L12 Devilish Fry 11 18 2
4 47 11 12-14 2
5 49 L14 Robot Gypsy 11 18 2
6 53 L14 Robot Gypsy + L20Robot 12 18 1
7 61 L14 Robot Gypsy + L20Robot+ L24Scientist 13 18 3

To destroy Incubots, take Firebomb.png from the Bomb Factory. 1 Fire Bomb destroys 1 Incubot. Incubots only take 1 damage per hit from attacks, regardless of boost.

How to Play without Fire Bombs: Add 1-2 Robots Robot and an Influencer Influencer to your party. Use the Robot defense boost Defense 8-Bit a few times (until Incubot only inflicts -1 damage per hit). Leave it to play out. Use the Influencer if needed to heal. Battle will take some time (10 mins plus), but it is possible to kill Incubots without a Fire Bomb this way.


Repeat Rewards First Time Rewards
4 Fut icon material Gasoline 7882@2x.png Gasoline 4 Fut icon material Gasoline 7882@2x.pngGasoline
2 Icon Chip Job Giga.png Giga Career Chip 2 Icon Chip Job Giga.png Giga Career Chip
6 Robot Soul Robot Souls 24 Robot Soul Robot Soul
5 Hypnoton Hypnotons 5 Pizza Pizza
100% Completion
8 Fut icon material Gasoline 7882@2x.png 25 Pizza 30 Robot Soul
Combat Rewards Interaction Rewards
5 Robot Soul 1-2 HellMetal.png 0 Robot Soul 0 XP

Each Incubot drops 1 Incubot Metal HellMetal.pngwhen destroyed. Each combat interaction contains 1-2 Incubots.


C9 Dead on Arrival.png

Space Interactions[]

Slow and Steady[]

Path 1

Speed is not what you need.

It's taking forever to reach Chapek 9. The crew blame your driving. They want you to speed.
  1. Put the pedal to the metal! (Chance 76%: 100 Nixonbucks + 50HP; fail: ?)
    Success: Now you're cruising! Time is money and you're saving tons of it. Cha-ching!
    Failure: [Fill in]
  2. Slow and steady win the race. (6XP)

That's my jam![]

Path 2

So you think you can sing?

You pass Le Palm D'Orbit, a hip restaurant known for its karaoke. The crew want to stop.
  1. Okay but NO BOOZE! (6XP)
    No one wants to sing without getting drunk first.
    1. Two drink MAXIMUM. (50XP)
      Everyone starts to let loose but no one is physically able to make it to the stage. Lightweights.
    2. No! (50XP)
      You pick "Let It Be" and the crowd boos. You'll never stop the ship again.
  2. Nope. Too hip for this ship. (6XP)
    The crew sadly end up singing along to the radio. Mostly show tunes. Pathetic.
  3. Let's party! (6XP)
    The crew start drinking and picking songs. They ask you to sing with them.
    1. Politely decline. (6XP)
    2. Sure, Why not? (50XP)
      As you sing, a drunk patron throws up on the stage and your shoes. That's "why not."

The Call of the Hangry[]

Path 3, node 1.

Starvation is no excuse for hurtful remarks.

You and a crew member feel hungry. You both head to the kitchen and find one sandwich.
  1. Give it up. (50XP)
    Your hunger pangs remind you for the rest of the trip how gallant you are.
  2. Lick it and call dibs. (50XP)
    The sandwich is yours! And all you had to do was be a jerk.

Butt Out[]

Path 4, node 1.

Just make sure to call shotgun.

The crew fight over who gets the comfy seat. Is this any way to run a spaceship?
  1. Make them take turns. (6XP)
  2. Threaten to turn this ship around. (6XP)
    1. Offer to stop for ice cream. (1Icon Chip Job Tera.png+50XP)
    2. Actually turn the ship around. (50XP)
  3. Okay, now no one gets it. (6XP)
    The crew disagree with your suggestion. They all sit stewing in their discomfort.

Stand and Deliver[]

Path 5, node 1.

Hit mailboxes like a high school junior...

You put the ship on autopilot and it hits a space mailbox. The owner is very angry
  1. Leave it and fly away. (76% chance: 1Icon Chip Job Tera.png)
    Success: [Fill in]
    Failure: [Fill in]
  2. Offer to pay for the damage (-50Nixonbucks: 1Icon Chip Job Tera.png)
  3. Apologize. And that's it. (6XP)

Rewards: 100 Nixonbucks

Robot Marauders[]

Path 6, node 1.

It's an old-fashion hold up, in space.

On the way to Chapek 9, a ship stops in front of you. It's a robot stick-up!
  1. Ask them to leave nicely. (Requires Captain10: 1Icon Chip Job Tera.png+100Nixonbucks)
    They weren't programmed to deal with politeness. They run but leave a tip on the way out.
  2. Ask them what they want. (6XP)
    It's clear what they want. They want your money, dummy.
    1. Guess so. (-50Nixonbucks: 50XP)
    2. No way! (?)
  3. Ask them to bugger off. (76% chance: 1Icon Chip Job Tera.png+50XP; fail: -50HP)
    Success: [Fill in]
    Failure: [Fill in]

Dream Eater[]

Path 7, node 1.

Sleep is for the weak. Or maybe just sleep for a week.

You're not close to Chapek 9 but the crew is falling asleep.
  1. Keep them busy. (Requires Captain10: 1Icon Chip Job Tera.png+50XP)
    Busy, busy busy. Saying that over and over again should keep them alert.
  2. Let them sleep (1Icon Chip Job Tera.png)
  3. Scream into the speakers! (6XP)

In Go the Incubots []

Last node.

Lather. Kill. Repeat.

You arrive at Chapek 9 and deliver the Incubots. On your way back, you hear clinking.
  1. Play loud music. (76% chance: 2Icon Chip Job Tera.png+250Nixonbucks; fail: -350HP+6XP)
    Success: You lift up everyone's spirits! "Bohemian Rhapsody" gets everyone in the mood to work.
    Failure: Your crew members hate your taste in music. They express it with some violence.
  2. Investiate.
    You check the back of the ship and find nothing.
    1. Check the Hull. (50XP)
      The hull is empty, but now you know where the hull is!
    2. Check the Galley. (250Nixonbucks)
      You don't find the source of the clanking, but you find Bender's secret money stash. You'll take it!
  3. Ignore. (6XP)


Amy There are hostile robots everywhere!

The Professor We can't disable them all. We need to bail!

Amy But what would my peers think if they find out I ran from a fight?

The Professor Aren't most of your peers dead?

Amy That doesn't make them any less judgmental.

Amy Did you hear something on the ship?

The Professor Besides my own night terrors?

Amy Nevermind. I'm sure it was nothing. You can go back to sleep.

The Professor I wasn't asleep. My night terrors visit me 24/7.

Enemy Sprites[]

Robot Minion idle.png
RobotGuard idle.png
Chapek Guard
Chapek Robot idle.png
Chapek Robot
RobotElders orange idle.png
Robot Elders
AntiHumanPatrol idle.png
Anti-Human Patrol